South Carolina mom drives van filled with kids into ocean

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DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — A group of people rescued a woman and three children after their minivan went into the ocean at Daytona Beach Tuesday.

According to WFTV, a woman from South Carolina drove her van into the water just before 5 p.m. Three children, ages 10, 9, and 3, were with her.

Lifeguards were able to get everyone from the vehicle before it became fully submerged.

In video taken by a tourist from Canada, the woman can be seen outside the van in the water as lifeguards try to pull her children out. Waves nearly pushed her under the van.

Later in the video, a lifeguard walks out of the surf with two children in his arms. As the van starts to go under the water, another lifeguard climbs out of the vehicle with the third child.

The woman and the three children were transported to a local hospital for precautionary reasons.

Investigators said the woman was incoherent when they tried to speak with her.

The incident is under investigation.

Source: WFTV


  • elle23

    I wonder if this is a Susan Smith sort of situation or if there was a medical issue that caused her to veer into the ocean.

  • Bea

    Actually, it is quite possible that there could have been something medically wrong with her. Not saying that’s what happened, but why throw around accusations when you don’t know what happened? I guess you wouldn’t just cross 5 lanes of oncoming traffic, knock out a fire hydrant, flip three times down a hill and land in a Walgreens parking lot on accident if you were a cab driver, either? But, that’s exactly what happened to my mom about 7 years ago when she had a thyroid attack.

  • RachH

    Thank you, Bea. Of course there could be a medical – mental AND/OR physical – reason for why she did this. “Investigators said the woman was incoherent when they tried to speak with her.” Duh.

  • Nadine

    This is so sad while some may be looking at this woman like she is a monster first realize there is a problem especially if its not her nature to be that way but this has been going on for years from women who went untreated for there postpartum. Hormones are very serious and dangerous thing I think its always best that after a mother has a child and she doesn’t feel like herself should look into help from friends and family or physician they should always keep a close eye on them especially ones who are already dealing with depression and before anybody starts commenting crazy stuff I don’t condone this nor do I agree that what she did was right but the children have made it out alive and now there mother can get the help she needs so she can be a good mother to her children God protected everybody in that van and had people around at the right time to keep everybody safe a mothers nature is to care and protect there children but a chemical imbalance in the brain can turn that around turning the person numb and lifeless depression is a very serious thing and people that do have it need their caring family and friends and also God by there side to help and encourage them to get better and I hope this woman can get the help she needs to be a good mother to her kids

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