Man fatally struck by train while searching for family dog in Davidson Co.

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- A man in Davidson County died after being hit by an Amtrak train Monday night.

Deputies say he was looking for the family dog when he was struck around 6:30 p.m. near Turner Road in Lexington.

The train's engineer called 911, but Davidson County EMS were unable to revive the man with CPR.

The man was pronounced deceased at Thomasville Medical Center.

His identity has not been released pending notification of the family.

The Davidson County Sheriff's Office and Norfolk Southern Railroad are investigating.


  • Bradley

    we just live in a cruel world people try to make jokes out of everything, Prayers for the Family and The Responders

    • Mike

      Don’t forget the crew of the Amtrak. They’ll have to deal with hitting him for the rest of their lives.

  • TRF

    Thank you for changing the headline. It was very misleading and read like the man was searching for his dog that was fatally injured. Very sad and tragic all the way around.

  • Dalina Pennell


  • TRF

    My comments had absolutely nothing to do about the tragedy of the situation and I am not laughing. You could not find a bigger animal lover than me. At 12:28, WGHP changed the headline to display the facts much clearer. I don’t remember the first exact headline posted this am, but it read like the man was looking for his fatally injured dog. It was just a bad headline and obviously did not reflect the writer’s original intent. That is all. It is fixed now.

    • Marie

      its always easier to get off the point of the whole story…people are so sensitive and they miss the point compeltely. Most of us knew what you meant TRF.

      • TRF

        Thank you!! Here is the original headline, “Man searching for family dog fatally struck by train in Davidson Co.”. I read this and thought the man was looking for the body of his deceased dog……I left a comment that the headline was lacking. It was later changed by someone @ WGHP to “Man fatally struck by train while searching for family dog in Davidson County”. I honestly think the second headline is much clearer. It was just an observation and that was it. I am truly sorry to all that have been touched by this terrible tragedy.

      • Marie

        I know this guy and his family as he went to my church. Its a very sad tradegy… how anyone can complain about you when you have smart ones commenting to go look at Chinese restaurants… how long did it take you to come up with that one Will? Did it thrill you to make that comment – i speak for myself and I cant believe I am wasting my time commenting on your post, its what people like you want – attention.

  • Ben Cornelius

    This is a terrible, tragic story but, as a railroader, I want to thank Mike for pointing out that the Amtrak crew was the blameless victim in this. They were operating their train in accordance with their rules, and a person on the tracks, where he shouldn’t have been, failed to get out of the way. Trains have steel wheels and operate on steel rails, and there isn’t much friction. They can’t accelerate quickly and they can’t stop quickly. It can take half a mile or more for a passenger train to stop from its normal speed.

    The situation is no different from the person being on a highway searching for his dog. Most of us would simply say that it’s tragic but he should have been more careful. And the same thing applies on railroad tracks.

    I feel awful for the man’s family but I also feel awful for the crew on the Amtrak train, who were powerless to prevent this terrible event.

  • Yuppyupp

    i know this YOUNG man who just graduated high school, he was one of my great friends room mates, great kid, he was a dj, prayers go out to his family and friends. he will truly be missed

  • mary

    I grew up with this boys sister! Please keep his family in your prayers! I’ve know him and his family for years!

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