VIDEO: Hilarious kid reactions to rotary phones

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For many, rotary phones are still in use. However, when you put a rotary phone in front of a young child, it may be a confusing piece of technology to them.

In this video posted to YouTube on March 2, which has already been viewed over 1 million times, kids react to to the phones and attempt to figure out how to use them.

Dialing the phone proves difficult enough for many of the children, but when they are asked how to “send a text message” with them, hilarity ensues.


  • lIZ m

    ARE you serious? These kids are so stupid. I have used those kinds of phones growing up and ALL 3 of my children know what it is and how they work.

  • singingatune

    What’s with all these little kids with iPhones? My goodness. I liked the kid who said, “I’m a fan of old technology”. :)

  • Nancy

    Many of today’s parents don’t open up the world of the past to their kids. I’ll bet there isn’t one kid in 100 that could sing Oh, Susanna!, or She’ll be Comming Around the Mountain….It’s really sad that in most cases the pleasures of the years past will be all but forgotten…

  • Donna Bellairs

    In the past 50 years I have seen so many changes. We still have a Victrola phonograph in our livingroom and when guests visit it is fun for all of us to listen to the 78’records.
    Try this for a kids reaction session: get a record player, an old vinyl record, on old wooden pencil and a straight pin. Then we put a straight pin into the eraser of a wooden pencil with the record turning on the record player. Place the straight pin on the record while you hold the other end of the pencil in your teeth and you have instant headphones. You can hear the music in your head.
    P.S. Don’t use your favorite record to do this!

    So much for this generation to compare (react to). Ways to dry your hair. Todays blow dryers compared to the hair dryers of the 50’s and 6o’s. You had a hair dryer with a cap you put on your head with hose that blew warm air onto it until your hair dried that was wound up on rollers. you would sit there until your hair dried.

  • Mariah

    The girl Lyndon looks exactly like my daughter but a few years ago…Wow it was amazing resemblance!

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