Teen sues parents, claims she was thrown out of home

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LINCOLN PARK, N.J. — A New Jersey teenager is suing her parents for immediate financial support, private school fees and future college tuition after she alleges she was thrown out of her house, according to the Daily Record.

Her parents allege that Rachel Canning, 18, moved out by choice after refusing to abide by their rules.

Canning has been living with her friends’ parents for the past several months. Her friend’s father, attorney John Inglesino, is paying for Rachel’s lawsuit. He is also requesting in the lawsuit that the Canning family reimburse him for the legal fees, so far totaling $12,597.

According to the Daily Record, her suit also demands that her parents take care of an outstanding $5,306 Morris Catholic tuition bill; pay their daughter’s current living and transportation expenses; and free up her existing college fund, as she has already been accepted to several universities.

A hearing is set for Tuesday, March 4.

“I don’t think she has much of a case,” Kenneth Neumann, a New York divorce mediator and psychologist with the Center for Mediation & Training, told Yahoo Shine. “This sounds like just another 18-year-old who got into a thing with her parents.”

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  • Fay

    They could always say they now want an afterbirth abortion,,,that it took them this long to realize the brat she would become,,,

  • Manle Nai

    “I don’t think she has much of a case…” Really?
    ” Rachel Canning, 18, moved out by choice after refusing to abide by their rules.” I actually feel bad for the parents. I don’t know how strict they were but really…in America today, are parents actually required to pay for their kids’ tuition? Ummm. nope. It doesn’t matter if she was an honor student or whatever. If for some reason she was unhappy with her parents she should have stuck it out, finished college gotten job and then said goodbye to her parents if she wanted to. It makes me think that her lawyer/friend is not a very good lawyer at all. “Free up her existing college fund…” as far as I know that is a gift from her parents, unless it was bequeathed to her by somebody else…If she didn’t like the terms that were given to her for this gift..after all, she is now an ADULT she might as well apply for a scholarship and/or financial aid.

    • sinnerfrank

      In all likely hood you will be correct ,18 yrs old she would get to pay rent hold a job pay a percentage on the monthly overhead!! But you saw the magic phrase BOYFRIEND !! Trouble,guess mom and dad did not want to take him in too !!

    • dewey

      come to know your geopolitical layout….NJ is a weird state, they are locally democrat but usually have a republican governor…..as far as staying on your parents insurance until you’re 24 isn’t so farfetched as it seems. If you pay child support, then you have to pay until that child leaves college….may as well have coverage both ways

  • Mark Stabler

    She is 18. If she wants to leave home that is her right. Parents have no control once a child reaches 18…in fact, most parents have no control once a child starts talking.

    • dewey

      they didn’t publish the whole story here….she is claiming they kicked her out before her 18th birthday, which would mean she was a minor….which could put the parents in a messed up legal situation depending on state laws

  • Amy-David Aymond

    what a crazy world we live in…People suing over getting 1 napkin and now 1 is suing their parents because she didnt like their rules?? Get a life people. The atorney pursuing the case should be disbard and the case thrown out. Its a waste of time and energy to try and deal with a spoiled child. Dont like the rules set before you…well move out and be on your own then…ON YOUR OWN are the key words. But when you get a job and dont like their rules you quit or get fired and there is no room to sue.

  • Phil

    This is what happens when you turn your kids into spoiled brats. Now she cannot figure out to make it on her own. The parents should be sued for bad parenting. She will probably be the next welfare case.

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