Duke star Jabari Parker shows of culinary skills, makes ‘Jabari Bars’ for students

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DURHAM, N.C. — Duke freshman basketball star Jabari Parker is projected to go very high in the 2014 NBA Draft, however, he may have his eyes on becoming a professional dessert chef as well.

In a YouTube video posted by the Duke Basketball YouTube account, Parker is shown baking up his signature “Jabari Bars” and handing them out to some of the Cameron Crazies around campus.

“If they like them, I might have to leave college to be a professional dessert maker,” Parker says in the video.

So what did the students think?

When asked on a scale of 1 to 10 what they thought, one student gave the bars a “12.” Another gave them a “100.”


  • Tim

    Since he is thinking of becoming a culinary wizard, maybe Fox News can have their editors go back to school and take editing or proofing classes all over again…..The headline is mispelled!!!! Pretty sad coming from a news site to say the least!

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