The full story behind the brother and sister ‘Kiss Cam’ stunt

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Video of Minnesota Gopher hockey fan Adam Martin’s clever sign during the Feb. 14 ‘Kiss Cam’ has been watched over 12 million times on YouTube.

“My sister likes hockey, so I thought it would be a good game to bring her to. It was also Michigan. So I arranged to bring her to the game, which also happened to be Valentine’s Day,” Martin said. “Realizing it was Valentine’s Day and I was bringing my sister to the game, I starting joking about making a sign in preparation for the ‘Kiss Cam.’ And she thought I was crazy for doing that.”

“I decided to print the sign with ‘My Sister’ with an arrow… and she thought I was being a dumb older brother and there was no way we would end up on the ‘Kiss Cam,'” Martin said.

“In the third period, as the ‘Kiss Cam’ came up on the screen, I took the piece of paper out of my pocket and made sure it was facing the right direction. Low and behold, we were the next couple on there,” Martin said. “I lifted up the sign and held it up. Somehow I held a straight face for the first couple seconds and then started laughing.”

The video was featured by nearly every news organization in the country. We shared the video on our Facebook page and it has reached over 10 million people.

“The goal is next year not to bring my sister to the Valentine’s Day game. Hopefully I get a date out of it,” Martin said.


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