Randolph Co. parent accused of attempting to hit principal with car

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Lisa Ann Barnes

ARCHDALE, N.C. – Randolph County deputies said an “irate parent” drove over the curb at an elementary school, through the grass and almost hit the principal.

Lisa Ann Barnes, of Trinity, has been charged with misdemeanor assault by show of force and injury to real property.

Deputies said it happened Thursday afternoon at Trindale Elementary during child pickup.

Authorities said the school resource officer assigned to Archdale Trinity School was called to Trindale Elementary for problems involving a parent.

The suspect is accused of driving over the curb and through the grass in a reckless fashion toward the principal.

Deputies said the suspect swerved to avoid hitting the principal at the last moment.

Deputies have not released a possible motive or any other details as of Friday night.

The suspect was arrested Friday evening and released by the magistrate with a $2,000 unsecured bond. She has court planned for March 10 in Randolph County.

Correction: A prior version of this story stated that the principal had been hit. It was later clarified to FOX8 that the the principal was not hit by the vehicle. 


  • Mark Stabler

    Parents are one of the main problems with present day schools. So many of them think their little Johnny or Suzie can do no wrong and that anything they fell like doing is fine. When I was growing up we prayed that our parents would not find out if we were disciplined at school because we knew the punishment at home would be 10 times worse. If this women tried to run over the Principal and hit her, she should have been charged with attempted murder and she should still be sitting in the jail.

  • Mellow

    This principal has done nothing but terrorize this school. I don’t think many of the parents care for her. Although there are other ways to try to remove her from the school… Apparently there’s a problem when a parent threatens to hit her with a car lol

      • Mellow

        I just heard about those teachers not long after this story was posted. It’s horrible to hear. I know all about this school I have a child that goes there… The more I find out about this story, the more I think the woman was just trying to leave and the principal “thought” this woman was trying to hit hit her. I don’t think it was intentional… I could be wrong, but after having run-ins with this principal myself I’m not so sure.

  • adiapk2

    After working at another elementary school very near this school, I had a principal and VP who were HORRIBLE to the staff and children there. I’m happy that none of this happened at our school but I could have easily seen this being done too.

  • Virginia

    That principal must have really #*$$ed her off. There are other ways of taking out your frustrations. I am glad that there were no kids in the way and that none were hurt.

  • Anonymous

    A lot of y’all commenting have no idea what has happened in Trindale’s past, I have no idea who y’all have heard some of the stuff from but it is completely wrong. They do say, don’t believe everything you hear.

    • Rick Yokeley (@ricktanglewood1)

      Who cares about the past? This incident happened this week! Regardless of what happened in the past, it doesn’t justify trying to run over someone! All we need is for you to drag up something from the past and stir it up and display your vast knowledge of nothing!

  • lover101

    Ok, Look, only if the county would tell everything it would be understandable why this mother was mad.. I HAVE 2 KIDS AT THAT SCHOOL…one of my kids was assaulted by 2 teachers. they kicked shit and sprayed cold water in the faces to wake them up from a nap. etc… I would love for this to go viral and someone take actions on it.. I don’t blame that woman one bit for thinking about doing it.. the school protect there employees but not the students.. this makes the new but my kid getting beat at school ( a 4 year old) and they don’t do anything about it..

  • Sherri

    If these parents are not happy with this school, take your kids out. There is more than one elementary school in Archdale. Feel free to transfer them. I have a child in that school and have never had a problem. Stop thinking your “precious little angels” do nothing wrong, they are human just like the rest of us.

    • mellow

      First of all, it’s kind of hard to take your kids out if the principal doesn’t accept the transfer request. Don’t be so quick to make assumptions. Second, no one here has claimed their kids are well behaved, I know kids will test their limits and misbehave. As for them being “little angels”, in the eyes of my God, all children are angels. When there has been known abuse going on, and the principal had knowledge of this abuse and does nothing, it really speaks volumes about his/her character. Ma’am I pray that your children never have to deal with an abusive teacher. The damage to those children will impact them for the rest of their lives. If it was so easy to get a new principal, I believe it would have already been done. The fact is, no one really knows what happened that day.

      • Sherri

        1st of all…If a child is being abused, there is nothing that will keep a transfer from happening. It’s up to the parent if they want to take the time to do it. Don’t just sit and complain, do something about. I mean, my goodness, it your child, who should be the 1st priority.
        2nd of all…if there were past known abuse, can you honestly sit there and believe nothing would have been done. Sounds to me like you don’t have a whole lot of confidence in the school board, law enforcement, etc….
        3rd….yes I said “little angels”, ALL kids should be brought up to respect authority, which now days they aren’t, which probably has a lot to do with parents not having that respect. And yes, in my Gods eyes they are angels. In fact, all of us are if we have accepted Him into our hearts!
        4th….kids are going to see how much they can get by with, my suggestion is for parents to take the blinders off and stop being your child’s friend and be their parent.

  • MelodyS

    @ Rick Yokeley. Hey I have an idea. How about the next time she decides to drive like an idiot and run over someone, you can stand in the front of her car!

  • Sport mom

    @Faith C yeah, I have no idea what it may mean
    In urban dictionary, and not concerned
    enough to look it up. Just a mom who supports
    her kids in sports,not the latest slang terms
    that people are using.

  • Tammy

    There is a policy where the parent picking up the child must show a card, if the parent does not have the card they have to go to the office and sign the child out. This parent did not have the card and was angry at the principal for having to go into the building to sign her child out. That is all.

  • Seriously? By DW

    Anyone who even thinks this behavior could be justified under any circumstances needs to do some serious re-thinking. If this woman, who is mentally unstable, had chosen to come into the school with a weapon to get her revenge, I don’t think anyone would be making excuses for her then! She obviously needs help before she does hurt someone.

    @lover101, If your child was assaulted by 2 teachers, why wouldn’t you go straight to the superintendent? Or better yet, the police? I know a lot of teachers at that school and they are all very caring and nurturing!

    Reading these negative posts about Trindale disturbs me as the school should not be under attack after a parent tried to run down it’s leader. What is wrong with this community? If this parent had followed through with her first thought, everyone would be sharing all the wonderful things the principal and the school has accomplished.

  • Jade Brinkley

    Fox 8 has heard and had many calls about the abuse in Randolph County schools. They don’t air every story. The magistrate will not let you take out a warrant on a school official and social services can not be called to investigate a school and the superintendent has the last call. I don’t know what steps this parent took but the options are limited and you can’t just take your kid and have them transferred. Check out the board policy on that. Plus If you make them mad retaliation city. If the law and social services won’t or can’t do the job then the parent is the only thing left.

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