Orphaned cougar kittens to arrive at NC Zoo on Monday

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Photo credit: Oregon Zoo

ASHEBORO, N.C. — Officials said a trio of orphaned cougar kittens will arrive at the North Carolina Zoo on Monday.

The animals are expected to arrive between 7 and 8 p.m. at the Landmark Aviation building.

Zoo officials said the cougars became orphans after a hunter killed their mother in Oregon last month.

Once the hunter realized the adult cougar had kittens, they were taken to the Oregon Zoo where zoo keepers helped wean the animals.

Officials said if the kittens had not been rescued they would have starved or been eaten by a predator.


    • FaithC

      I knew someone recently who hunted for sport. He was out hunting one day and dropped dead of a heart attack at a relatively young age. Lets hope the same happens to the hunter who shot these kittens mother. :-)

  • Amanda

    Well let’s hope that a cougar or other wild animal never tries to attack you since you would not try to attack it back! Have some common sense people. The man at least made sure these little ones were safe!

  • debbie

    hunting is usually not done for sport, scum bags do it for sport. Its much kinder to hunt and eat the meat then to shop at Walmart and buy beef, chicken or pork that cant even walk because its locked in same position all its life
    . don’t be stupid….

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