Man wakes up inside body bag at funeral home

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Walter Williams (WAPT)

LEXINGTON, Miss. — A deceased Mississippi man shocked the world Wednesday night when he started kicking inside his body bag, trying to get out.

According to CNN affiliate WAPT, the coroner declared Walter Williams dead around 9 p.m. Wednesday night.

But as workers at Porter and Sons Funeral Home were getting ready to embalm him a few hours later, he started to move.

“I asked the coroner what happened, and the only thing he could say is that it’s a miracle,” Holmes County Sheriff Willie March said.

Byron Porter said it’s the first time he’s ever seen anything like it. He said Williams’ was inside the zipped-up body bag and kicking to get out.

Paramedics rushed Williams him to a hospital, where family members said  that he’s happy to be alive.

The coroner said Williams’ pacemaker may have stopped working and then started up again.

Source: WAPT/CNN


  • Jacob Lee Boyd

    The coroner needs his license reviewed. This man didn’t go 8 to 10 minutes, let alone “hours” without breathing, otherwise he’d have suffered severe, irreversible anoxic brain injury.

  • Mike Jones

    No miracle here, coroner needs to be fired! Lucky the guy did suffocate to death, but then no one would know would they. Of course there are medical conditions that make it hard to detect a heart beat or pulse, but coming around doesn’t make it a miracle.

  • (Jesus H. Christ)

    I agree with Jacob and Mike. Everyone who makes a mistake doing their job should be fired and unable to work anywhere else for ever. If you are not 100% perfect at what you are paid to do then Mike, Jacob and I have no use for you.

    • crystal

      i love you to find one person that is 100 percent perfect at what they do there isnt one out there no one is perfect

    • Brandy Lee

      Well let’s be honest. None of us are perfect. You are correct, but there is a difference in flipping burgers and getting someone’s order wrong and being a coroner and pronouncing someone dead and almost embalming them when they aren’t. The poster above was correct, he really couldn’t have even gone more than a few mins without breathing and there not be brain damage and given he woke up talking and asking questions indicates that apparently there really wasn’t damage. So to me it looks negligent, like the doc pronounced him dead and basically tagged and bagged him immediately. And if I recall correctly there is a process beyond just checking for a heart beat.

      • Mike

        He had been pronounced dead, tagged and bagged, and sent to the funeral home… more than likely several hours had passed by.

    • Mike

      What is your take on meteorologists? Then again, with your screen name, you have NEVER made a mistake…you may have even had something to do with raising Lasurus, aka Walter, from the body bag…
      just sayin’…

    • Mikeric Tolliver

      Who do you know that is 100% perfect? Doctors do not work in a “perfect” but they work in a “practice.” We are human and every individual is capable of error. The coroner may have followed every procedure and due to an unusual circumstance this situation unfolded.

  • Jessica Matt Poff

    I see some comments about this not being a miracle and the corner needs to be fired. Well I can say miracles do happen. My great aunt passed away from a massive heart attack. She dropped dead. Well 3 hours later she came back. True story so don’t tell me miracles don’t happen.

  • David Hedgecock

    This ME;;needs to be investigated for sure;;;Was he, himself under the influence of some drug to make such a ‘bleeping ‘ error;;that could have cost a man his life. He needs to be challenged as to why he deserves to keep his job. How in the world do you declare a man dead, when a little while late he’s kicking ‘like hell’ to get out of a zipped up body bag? He should be asked to resign;;and if he refuses he should be fired.

  • Heather Hurley Prescott

    Not just the coroner…what about the EMS, hospital staff…all the others involved? When I’ve had to do this in the past we have to listen with stethoscope for one full minute and have another nurse do the same…you can’t just walk into a room and say oh he’s dead.

  • Rescuediva At Home

    There is a couple of things professionals should have in their bag to determine death. A Stethoscope to listen for heart beat. A heart monitor with the ability to record on paper the findings. Flat line would indicate no heart activity. I am interested to know just how he determined the individual was deceased. He must have been breathing at a fairly normal rate or he would not have the brain function he apparantly has. We have at least one county here in NC that I know of where the Cororner is not a physician. Fodder for thought.

  • Debbie

    Is it so hard to believe it was in fact a miracle? I’d love for Fox to do a follow-up story and tell us what the man remembers about this? There’s so many questions I’d love to ask. God is great…that is a fact.

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