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HS student arrested for posting teen’s nude photo on Instagram

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ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. — Deputies said they have arrested a 17-year-old West Rowan High School student who allegedly posted a nude photo of a 15-year-old girl on Instagram.

Deputies were notified a nude photograph of a 15-year-old girl was posted to the Instagram account “Thesehoes01.” Deputies said they were able to track the “path” of the photo.

Deputies said Juan Bautista, 17, of Woodleaf, was arrested Friday and charged with cyberbullying.

Deputies said Bautista created the Instagram account on Monday and posted the photo. Officials said the photo had been originally sent to the 15-year-old’s boyfriend “in confidence,” but it was leaked to Bautista and he posted it online.

After Bautista was released on a written promise to appear in court, he was taken back to West Rowan High School to meet with the principal.

Bautista was issued an out-of-school suspension for his involvement and arrest, officials said.


  • taylor

    People need to realize that nudity is not popular now days. Nobody wants to see their stuff. They especially don’t need to put it on a public site where 11 or 12yr olds are at

  • Mary Ann burns

    i think she should receive the same punishment for her actions if she hadn’t have done it no one else would have seen it right why should she get off Scott free

  • Mark Stabler

    I have to agree with Mary Ann. She is as much to blame and what about her boyfriend that passed the photo along to others? In none of these recent reports has there been any indication that the photographs were taken in secret.

  • shooter

    14 or 15 aint the age most of us knew growing up…times have changed so much…makes one wonder if our minor age laws should be looked at.i’m not saying it’s right by any means,but parents arent letting thier kids be kids….they rush them to act like adults.

  • Jim-Bob's cousin, Betty Sue

    If the girl sent a naked picture of herself, shouldn’t she be arrested for distributing child pornography?
    I doubt any of the kids’ parents will even ground them. Seems parents just don’t know how to discipline a child anymore.

  • Elizabeth Wolf

    You’re blaming the girl? Yes, she sent nudes but in confidence to her boyfriend. It’s not her fault they were leaked. Sure, maybe revoke her of phone/internet privileges, and a strict talking to hee FROM her parents, not any of you. They did a good thing, arresting the boy.

    • GC

      The boy did wrong, but the girl has no place to claim innocence either, once you send pictures out to someone you have no control over what they do with them. It is very simple- if you’re not willing for the world to see it, don’t share it electronically.

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