Dog who mauled 3-year-old to death in High Point euthanized

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HIGH POINT, N.C. — The dog responsible for the death of a 3-year-old girl in High Point Monday has been euthanized.

Braelynn Coulter, 3, was mauled to death by the family pet at her home on Monday.

The family’s pastor is asking for prayers and supports for the family during this hard time.

A viewing for Braelynn has been scheduled for Friday night at 7 p.m. Her funeral will be Saturday at 2 p.m. in Kernersville.

On Tuesday, the family released a statement about Braelynn’s death:

“Braelynn Rayne Coulter was a beautiful, lively three year old young lady. She was full of life. She was the light of her mama and gaga’s life and the loss leaves a hole in our hearts. She was smart and vivacious and absolutely loved Dora the Explorer. She enjoyed her time in nature and going to a park was the highlight of her day. She will be missed dearly! Heaven is a little prettier today with Braelynn there!”

Friends of the family have set up a Go Fund Me page to help with funeral costs.


  • Wilma

    The parents should face criminal charges. They were obviously aware that the animal had an aggressive nature. Poor animal dies & so does the child because of dumb parents.

    • Amanda M. Hudgins

      I pray for the loss of this beautiful child. God gained another angel today. The parents, are hurting, and this is a tragic accident. However, Wilma, I agree with you. This is insane. The parent’s knew the dog had bad behavior problems, yet.. They allowed their 3 year old to play with him/her, and it cost both them their lives. The parents need smacked after they lay their daughter to rest. They should have been there to protect her.

    • Michelle

      I agree with Wilma on this. Where were the parents? Why was a child left alone with an aggressive animal????? May god help both Pitbull and child to heaven peacefully. There is no such thing as a bad dog I feel it is bad pet owners.This is so sad to me. I wanna know where were these parents, why did you let the dog around your 3 year old if it had aggression problems, and why did you not try and seek help if you dog was aggressive? The parents should be held responsiable for the deaths.

    • Bitsy

      I do not know what really happen. But the parents should had known about that breed of dog in the first place and know not to leave a child alone with the dog or anywhere the dog could get to the child. I grew up with Crow’s, Airdale’s and German Shepherd’s loose in the house. My parents were always around all of us when the dogs or cats were near us and taught us not to hit, push or mess with them if they were eating or sleeping from the time we were born. It is all common sense.

  • heather

    The kid should never have been left alone with the dog in first place. The parents should had a eye on the girl. So now the poor dog is dead an so is a little girl so my opinion the parents are bad pet owners an bad parents its just common scenes

  • jamie

    Exactly. They apparently wasnt watching the little girl and dog. They knew it had been agressive before. The last update of this situtation had commens talking about how the neighbors had seen the little girl out in the yard bossing both dogs around . The dog was apparently trouble to the neighborhood. Escaping and attcking other dogs and such. I love pitbulls. They are a misunderstood breed. But in this situtation the parents ovbiously wasnt watching their child. So its not all the dogs fault she was probabily being mean to the dog and it got tired of it. They parents should be charged for not watching their child when it was playing bossing around or what ever happened, with an animal they already knew to be aggressive!

    • Jayzee

      Never…the pittties will drown out any voice of reason. They are so much like ‘Islam is the religion of peace and all these murders, bomb attacks, killing of children, torturing of people, etc is done by bad islamists”

    • sinnerfrank

      Very doubtful,the cops and a lot of people feel, in a case like this that the parents have suffered enough ! Sympathy for dead kids, goes a long way in this weak society of ours! In some places the parents would be held to a higher standard than here!!

    • Shy

      They cannot talk about the situation since it is under investigation. However, they don’t have to explain themselves. Most have already formed their opinions, even though incorrect, about this situation.

  • Jennifer

    How could you people blame these parents. You weren’t there so you don’t know the details. They are going through enough loosing their daughter in such a way. Any dog can snap-even if it never seemed aggressive before. I hope these parents find peace and may that lil girls soul rest in peace. Poor lil baby girl.

    • Daniel

      I think the parents SHOULD be the blame. Reason? Because NO 3 year old should ever be left unattended for even a minute, especially around an animal. If she were being watched like she should she may still be alive. Too many stories about animals attacking children end with “I never thought he’d do that” or “he was always so gentle”. Truth of the matter is you never know what an animal will do.

    • rnayzz

      I agree, if it was your child and an accident how would you like to be prosecuted. Who can keep there eye on a three year old at all times. I mean really she was playing in the family yard, maybe with mother or father doing something near her. You people better think before you convict cause next time god may teach you a lesson and put you on trial.

  • LM

    This is a horrible tragedy, which should never have happened, but unfortunately it did. I believe that the dog should be euthanized because it took the life of a child….BUT, you should NOT blame the breed, because that is just ignorant. There were many factors that led to this tragedy, but the breed of the dog is NOT one of them! Stop blaming the breed! I have in my lifetime, NEVER met ONE mean pit-bull–EVER! In fact, my own pit-bull/lab mix actually got attacked by a shepherd-mix dog at the dog park, AND he is like, scared of his own shadow! He is the most passive dog (a RESCUE, by the way), and sweet, loving, with not one mean bone in his body. I have a friend who has like, 4 pit-bulls, and they sleep with her kids every night! It’s time we STOP blaming the breed, and start putting the blame on where it truly belongs– on the people who raised and/or trained the dog! (most likely they abused the dog, as well, or it came from an abusive background). I know for a fact, (personal sources) that the number one dog that attacks people regularly are ROTTWEILERS…then German Shepherds! But all you hear about in the news is that pit-bulls are the ones who are doing all the attacking, and that’s just NOT true!

    • rnayzz

      Ignorant, you really shouldn’t speak on the breed unless you know. Its the idiots on the other end of the leash. Have you ever watch the michael vick story. Maybe you should most of his pitts were more scared of the humans than the humans being scared of the dog. Again your ignorant.

  • michelle

    Well well well …aren’t we all just full of judgement. If it had happened to you I’m sure you would be making the same judgements. My friend had a pit that stopped an intruder from raping a woman and sent the man to the hospital so I guess we should kill that one too. There are only so many reasons a dog of any kind would attack any human. Stop blaming the family, you are not judge nor juror. Educate yourselves instead.

  • B.J.

    Dog like human will turn on anyone reguardless how they are raised. A Child is dead and everyone is worried about a Dog.

  • sinnerfrank

    Well now these two people can make another baby and buy another pit or one of you Pit lovers could donate A couple more to them !!

  • christian

    We all need to come to a understanding there are some people that know the know story and obviously its none of you we should just pray for the family and pray they outlaw pit bulls period how Many other dogs do you hear doing this we need to be worried about if the family is saved and on there way to heaven to see her don’t y’all thank

  • Shelby

    Has the parents had problems with the dog in the past? If not i could understand them thinking nothing of the dog hurting her if it never showed aggressive behavior… But really this could have happened with any type of medium or large breed dog. It is a sad situation, but god planed this beautiful little girls life and he wanted to bring her home. It’s something us humans will never understand.. I will be praying for this family, I know personally its not easy losing a child. God bless

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