Burlington man gets jail time after dropping pants in front of judge

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ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. — A man got 10 days in jail Thursday for pulling down his pants in front of a judge.

According to the Times-News, Jonathan Lee Gaddy, 19, of Burlington, was in court Thursday morning on an underage drinking charge.

During the hearing at Alamance County District Court, it was reported that Chief District Court Judge Jim Roberson told him twice to pull his sweatpants up to his waist.

Gaddy then reportedly yanked his pants down just above his knees, exposing his underwear. Roberson ordered him taken into custody.

Gaddy’s offenses listed by the judge included laughing, making disruptive outbursts, mocking the court and — figuratively and literally — showing his backside.

“You and the other giggling girl in the courtroom with you were very disruptive, to the point it appears you were high on drugs,” Roberson said. “I’m going to remember you. If I hear a peep out of you, it will be contempt.”

Under the the advisement of his attorney, Gaddy apologized to the judge and said he didn’t mean to pull his pants down.

Roberson will serve a 10-day stay in the Alamance County jail for Thursday’s offense.

Source: Times-News


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