Big changes coming to the Time Warner Cable digital channel lineup (including WGHP)

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Starting next week, Time Warner Cable digital customers across the Piedmont will have to learn all new channel numbers to watch their favorite shows.

The new digital channel lineup announced earlier this year will take effect next week. The new lineup will be sent out in two phases. Greensboro, High Point and eastern parts of the Triad will begin March 4. Winston-Salem and western parts of the TWC market will start March 6.

TWC said that it will be changing the channel numbers and grouping channels by category. With the change, for instance, such entertainment channels as A&E, Comedy Central and BBC America will be put together in the 100s.

News channels such as Fox News, CNN and MSNBC will be in the 200s. The local broadcast channels will move from the 100 block to the 1200 block, but will also still be available in the lower tier on channels 2 to 16.

WGHP will move to digital cable channel 1206. WGHP 8.2 will move to channel 1250.

WGHP will also still be on channel 10 on cable. The standard tier of channels from 1 to 99 will remain the same, and will continue to differ from one market to another.

Channel lineups effective March 4: Archdale | Burlington | High Point, Jamestown | Greensboro | Randolph County, Candor, Biscoe, Star | Mebane | Rockingham County

Channel lineups effective March 6: Davidson County | King | Mocksville | Mount Airy | Winston-Salem | Surry, Yadkin, Stokes, Dobson, NC & Cana, VA


Credit: Winston-Salem Journal

There will no longer be separate standard-definition and high-definition tiers; with the new lineup, customers with an HD digital box will automatically get a high-definition feed of a channel if it’s available. That had previously been an option for some channels, but will now cover all channels. That includes the lower tier channels, too; for instance, if you tune in to WGHP on channel 10, you will get the HD version.

“If your box is an HD-ready box, this lineup will deliver the best available picture to you,” Pryzwansky said.

MTV will no longer be considered a music channel, since it now largely includes other forms of programming such as “Teen Wolf” and “Teen Mom.” It will be in the entertainment group.

The last time the lineup was changed this significantly was in 2010; that change was also intended to make sure similar channels were grouped, as well as create a Common Digital Lineup where customers could more easily find their favorite channels when they were visiting other TWC markets in the Carolinas.

“Even more so than they are now, and in order to simplify and streamline the lineup for our customers, this new theme-based lineup will allow it to be more intuitive,” said Scott Pryzwansky, a spokesman for TWC.

The change is taking place in all TWC markets in the U.S.

“If you turn on channel 103 (TNT) in Winston-Salem in March, then go to 103 in Buffalo, it’ll be the exact same,” Pryzwansky said. “It will be consistent across our entire footprint.”

Parental controls, DVR settings to record programs and other personalized features are supposed to transfer automatically, though Pryzwansky suggested that viewers review scheduled recordings after the change.


  • Diane Purcell

    I sure hope this explains why, when I select HD channels from my guide preference, it doesn’t pop to those and I have to page to them. Maybe they’re preparing for the change. Then again, it IS TW after all – so it could just be typical unreliable performance from their boxes. Crossing fingers nothings goes wrong.

  • Thomas

    With TWC constantly dropping channels from standard tier, raising rates, and switching channels around so often, DirecTV is look more and more appealing every day!

  • Carrie

    My Parents have TWC and I must say they pay entirely way too much for their crappy service! There cable either skips or goes completely out every single day and sometimes more than once a day. I couldn’t even tell you how many times the technicians have been to their house to fix that problem and it hasn’t even came close to being fixed! Worst cable service ever!! I love my DirecTv and wouldn’t change it for TWC for nothing in the world!

  • The One

    TWC needs to fix what they have before changing anything. Every day programs freeze up channels dropped then 2 hours later they come back. Or screen goes black and says searching for channels. Had their tech. out here twice, might as well tossed a quarter in a wishing well would get better results. And yea they charge to much for the sorry service provided.

  • Donnie

    I have toruble understnading how to go to what i want to see now, this will just confuse me more. Not looking forward to all these changes at all. Love TWC, but wish they could remain more consistent.

    • Marty Wagner

      Fox Sports which owned Speed channel changed it to Fox Sports 1 and the Fuel channel became Fox Sports 2. Not TWC’s fault. There is no more Speed channel

  • Laney M

    Maybe they should consider actually charging customers for what they really want instead of the ridiculous prices for so much more than they watch! I would truly love to see that happen! I only watch a handful of channels but pay for hundreds! I keep trying to find a way to reduce my bill but the way TWC works, it’s nearly impossible if you want to keep what you really want!

  • Kim

    I wish we could get DTV…We can’t get DISH either..our neighbors trees are ccovering the signal…so guess we’re stuck with TWC as crappy as it is…UGH!!!

  • Gary David Roden

    I want to have Me-TV on Time Warner Cable, but I live in Dayton, Ohio and the channel is not available, and I can only get it with an antenna all the way from Cincinnati, and I hope Time Warner Cable adds Me-TV to my Dayton, Ohio channel lineup.

  • Ann

    The link for the Mebane channel line up – it doesn’t work. Keep getting “a drawing error occured” – this is trying both IE and Foxfire to download/open.

  • Devo

    It is March 11th, all my channels have been changed and I can’t find the shows I want to watch. I went to the T.W. web site and logged in and they still are showing the old channel line up so no help. I called Time Warner and the rep never heard of the changes until she verified it. I asked how long we have been talking and she said just under 5 minutes. I said so it took 5 minutes for me to find out the channels have been changed; why were you not informed until now? She had no answer. She said she will mail me a copy of the new channel line up. I asked her when I can expect it. She said 5 to 7 days. I told her I expect my cable bill to be reduced for the 7 days I can not watch tv and she agreed to do it. T.W. loves customers so much they dont see any value in sending the channel list out in advance and don’t see any value in updating the website or informing the reps what is going on. I am done with T.W.

  • Twcsux

    The new channel lineup is a complete disaster. They have non hd channels mixed in with hd channels. They used to be separated. It’s as if they are trying to drive people away. I’m cutting the cord, going internet only. I can get whatever I want, whenever I want, and be done with this 1970’s era technology.

  • John McLaughlin

    why didnt TWC put the new channel listing in their current bill when they sent the bill to the customer. Would save a lot of headaches. Thinking of getting rid of TWC

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