3 Rockingham Co. teens charged with murder of 84-year-old man

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Nicholas Andrew Lowery, Jacob Arthur Adams and Kaleb Garrett Dunithan. (L to R)

REIDSVILLE, N.C. — Three Rockingham County teens have been arrested in connection with the murder of a Ruffin man.

According to police, three individuals burglarized a home at 2179 Lick Fork Creed Road in Ruffin on Sept. 2, 2013, where they assaulted 84-year-old Waverly Bourne.

Bourne was hospitalized until his death on Jan. 14.

Kaleb Garrett Dunithan, 18, of Reidsville; Jacob Arthur Adams, 17, of Reidsville; and Nicholas Andrew Lowery, 18, of Ruffin, have all been charged with first degree murder and first degree burglary.

All three suspects were placed in the Rockingham County Jail with no bond and are scheduled to appear in court March 17.


  • perrywinkle

    @unknown 2014 Im very very close to this story and personally know the people involved. One of these punks are related by marriage. The elderly man they beat to death helped his family out when they had no $, let them live rent free when they couldnt pay, give them food, bought them clothes, etc. They didnt have to do it! They are sorry excuses for human beings. That man did nothing but help them and that is what he gets? I dont care what your homelife is like its no excuse to murder an innocent person. That man was someones dad, grandpa, etc…how would you feel? As yourself that. Now thats looking at both sides!

  • Vince Loy

    There have been previous charges of murder in Rockingham County but none prosecuted in the past 7 years. Let’s elect someone who will actually prosecute them rather than the current DA’s office staff who either don’t have the stomach or the moral conviction to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law like the current ADA.

  • unknown

    There is no excuse for what they did true but its not none place to throw stones either until u live in a glass house and do no wrong then don’t judge for one none of u r God and they will have to answer to him for what they did so unless u r above God u should not throw stones its not ur place to just saying

  • Terri

    Vince, If the sheriff’s office wasn’t constantly battling illegal Hispanics, then they may have more time and money to spend on legal citizens.

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