Two juveniles arrested after dog abuse video posted to Facebook

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ST. LOUIS, MO -- Two juveniles have been arrested after a video showing one of the juveniles abusing a dog was posted to Facebook.

KTVI reported Coats Keshawn posted the video to his Facebook page on Tuesday. The video was shared thousands of times before it was removed from his Facebook page on Thursday afternoon.

WARNING: The video is disturbing. Viewer discretion advised.

The video shows a teenager slamming the dog into the ground and repeatedly punching the animal. Someone behind the camera can be heard laughing.

The juvenile shown in the video and the teen that filmed the incident have both been charged with animal abuse. The case is being handled by the St. Louis County Family Court.

Police said the abused puppy has been seized by animal control and will be examined and treated for injuries. Authorities said the dog will stay there while the case is active and then she will be put up for adoption.

Several people contacted FOX8 on Thursday afternoon about the video.

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  • Kc

    It always sickens me to the core when people abuse the power they are given over animals or even other people. I will never be able to understand how causing pain to something else is fun or amusing or funny. It’s not. It’s cowardly. Do you think they’d have the courage to try and do that to a 250lb bodybuilder? Who knows what the truth is, but abusers have often been abused. Someone took their power out on them, so they find something weaker to take their power out on. Having the courage to not abuse your power is the real power.

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