Teen suspended after bringing beer to school by mistake

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TEXAS -- A Texas high school student has been suspended for accidentally bringing a beer to school in his lunch.

Now, his mother is fighting the suspension.

Christi Seale says her 17-year-old son Chaz accidentally confused a beer can for a soda can and packed it in his lunch.

"It was an honest mistake," Seale said. "He was in a hurry, running late we were talking about school and he put it all together and took off for school."

When the teen realized what he did, he gave the unopened can of beer to his teacher. He didn't think he'd get in trouble.

But that teacher then reported it to the principal at Livingston High School, who suspended the boy for three days and then sent him to an alternative school for two months.

The following statement was released from the school:

"The principal of Livingston High followed appropriate LISD administrative procedures. LISD encourages any parent who is in disagreement with an administrative decision to seek relief through the appellate process."

Seale says the punishment is excessive. She says she always taught her son to be honest and forthright and now he has to pay a price for that honesty.

Source: CNN


  • Becca

    So wrong on so many levels! This young man showed integrity and this is what he gets! Too many chiefs not enough indians!!!!!!

  • Snouts

    Isn’t there also a policy covering teacher who have beer in the class room? did that teacher “handle” the beer can? Ought not the teacher be suspended as well?

  • Dafuq I jus read?

    Patricia…your grammar is atrocious. So much for you and your children’s common core knowledge of English and it’s proper usage. (rolls eyes)

    • observer10

      They probably do ‘common core’. What is needed is old fashioned reading, writing, and arithmetic. Less time needs to be wasted on revisionist history and other useless topics.

    • livinsimply

      While I’ll agree that Patricia’s grammar is less than perfect, grammar Nazi rules dictate that I point out the error in your post. ;) You should not have put an apostrophe in “its”. :)

  • Cecil Williams

    What happens when you take The Lord out of the school. No compassion, love, trust, or common sence. Our school system has become robots, reading government controlled material, arrogance, vanity; however, discover hard core drugs in teachers break room, no problem.

  • Bran

    Schools have gotten so asinine. His record should be cleared of the suspension and the principal should take a course in common sense.

  • brenda

    I think they went overboard with this decision. The boy did turn it in and was honest about it. He could of hid it and gotten away with it. But he had Moral values in him. I’m all for obeying the rules but it should have been took under consideration. One rule doesn’t have to apply to everyone. Yes, he should have looked at what he grab out of the fridge, but he also knew it was wrong to have it at school. He did what was right and gave it to the teacher. That is what we were taught as we were growing up. He simply went to the teacher when he realized his mistake. And now being punished for it. The rules need to have exceptions for situations like this that occurs.

  • Paula

    It seems most of you have gone off topic here… This is what is wrong with society today! Rude, judgemental members of society who somehow feel they are better than others. Millions of children have gone to public schools and are extremely productive citizens! Your status as a person does not reflect on the fact your parents may have had the money to send you to a Private school, that just happened to be their choice to do so and were fortunate enough to have the financial means to do that. Character, integrity and honesty says much more about ones upbringing than your need to feel you are somehow better than others because of your education. This mother should be proud of her sons honest mistake and the fact that he came clean about it. The punishment doesn’t fit the situation. I would stand up and fight for my son in a situation like this and teach him why honesty is always the best way to go!

  • Tony Caruso

    Wow, for once a teenager tries to do the right thing and he gets punished for it.It is bad enough we have bad parenting to blame for the kid’s behavior now and days but we can also blame situations like these as well.

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