Investigation into nude teen photos expands to Surry, Randolph and 7 other counties

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- Officials have confirmed an SBI probe into nude photos being shared on Instagram amongst high school students has expanded to 9 counties across the state.

Attorney General Roy Cooper made the announcement on Wednesday. The purported photos were shared on Instagram.

The investigation includes Randolph, Surry, Wake, Durham, Pitt, Johnson, Craven, Chatham and Edgecombe counties.

Officials in Surry County said their investigation involves a student at North Surry High School.

Cooper said it's important for parents to talk with their kids about taking and sharing explicit photos online.

"The State Bureau of Investigation Computer Crimes Unit is working in conjunction with multiple local law enforcement agencies to investigate inappropriate photos of underage North Carolina students found on Instagram.  To date, the SBI has identified more than 30 accounts as potential violators," said a spokeswoman for Attorney General Roy Cooper.

Last week, the investigation expanded beyond the Raleigh area. Wake Forest police said last week that a teen’s mother reported that someone had posted nude pictures of her daughter online. After that, two girls contacted the Durham County Sheriff’s Office to report that they had been victims also.

A Davidson County teen told FOX8 about how she regrets posting a nude photo on Instagram.

“This is the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to me,” said Kelsey Roberts. “I would never put anyone through this or want anyone else to go through this.”

Davidson County was not listed in the SBI investigation. A spokeswoman for Attorney General Roy Cooper said "the SBI Computer Crimes Unit has not been contacted by local law enforcement in Davidson County but stands ready to assist them upon request."

No arrests have been made in the case.

The following law enforcement agencies are currently involved in the investigation: Wake Forest Police, Cary Police, Raleigh Police, Durham Police, Havelock Police, Chatham Co. Sheriff’s Dept., Pitt Co. Sheriff’s Dept., Surry Co. Sheriff’s Dept., Edgecombe Co. Sheriff’s Dept., and the Randolph Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

Distributing nude photos of minors is a felony and could result in up to a year of jail time. Parents or anyone with information about this case should send an e-mail to


  • blake

    It’s messed up but acting like these girls are Innocent is ridiculous they should be charged for sending them out along with the people that put them on the internet.

  • Ashley

    I’m quite sure you’ve screwed up before & done the stupidest thing ever!! Well other people screw up too sometimes, for many different reasons, peer pressure, being under the influence, some jerk guy saying he loves you & he promises he won’t show anyone!! Yeah dumb stuff happens!! Oh & to the little perv asking to see the pics….you’re sick man!! I just hope you’re a child being perverted & wanting to see the pics & not some 18yr old or older bc that’d make you a discusting little perverted creep whom needs to be locked up for wanting to see child porn!!! I’m quite sure you guys on here have whipped out your little junks before trying to empress girls or maybe even sent a pic of your little package to a girl so yeah, umm no difference!!

  • chucky1992

    I don’t think the kids should be charged. Knowing that what they did was put themselves out there for the whole world to see should be enough punishment. Those photos have probably crossed over to many other social sites and probably porn sites too. You can bet, if you make a digital photo, there is always the chance it will end up online and once it is there, it is there forever. You don’t even have to post it yourself. Computers and phones get hacked and/or stolen every day.

    Parents, before you allow your children to use social media, be sure they are mature enough and educated enough to make sound decisions and NEVER give them free reign without supervision.

  • Will Grant

    All the moms out there applauding this news still have to deal with the fact their daughters are ignorant trollops. They won’t recover.

  • Steven Collins

    The lack of critical thinking among our teenagers is abundant. If you don’t want it seen, don’t snap! Simple!! The girls who sent the pics, I dunno….I have nothing nice to say, so I say nothing. Think, people!! That idea may be lost on the current generation.

  • Will Grant

    A list of all these law enforcement agencies…not a single arrest…and a fake “search warrant” pic. Fox8 trying WAY to hard to be “cutting edge” hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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