5-month-old baby dies at Virginia Beach daycare

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — A Virginia Beach mother dropped her infant son off at daycare Monday, and just hours later he was dead.

According to WTKR, Amanda Holland got a call from daycare owner Brenda Payton, who said her son, Nycau, was unresponsive.

“He was just fine,” Holland says. “I was just holding him that morning. There was nothing wrong with my child.”

Police say paramedics performed CPR on the infant before he was rushed to the hospital. photo-12

Nycau ‘s father Frank Turner watched, helpless.

“I couldn’t do anything but run to him and told him to wake up, wake up,” Turner says. “I just kissed him like 100 times because I knew that was the last time I was going to see him.”

Nycau was pronounced dead just before 2:15 Monday afternoon.

According to WTKR, Payton had been a childcare provider for more than 20 years and  is devastated this happened.

Police are investigating, but no charges have been filed against employees at the daycare and police say there are no indications of foul play.

Source: WTKR




    I wonder if the day care is hiding something or there was a medical issue nobody knew about. hope they find out. thoughts and prayers to family. what awful news.

  • Shado Bear

    What the Heck is a 5 month old doing at day care, my god What have we come to???

    The day care cares for many and can’t watch each one constantly.
    The mother is to Blame as Much as the Day care,

    She has ONE responsibility care for her child. She carried the baby for 9 months but can’t stay home with the child for at least the same

    Even animals care for their Young until they can care for themselves,
    We have placed too much importance on Job and Career and lost sight of basic human responsibilities.

      • topkatnc

        Heather … when you are dealing with someone with a single digit IQ .. it’s the very best he or she can do .

    • teresa

      Shado Bear I hope karma finds you for such an ignorant comment! Many families don’t have a choice but to use a daycare for their infants and that does not make them bad parents or even worse to be blamed for their child’s death! I’m appalled by such stupidity, it’s a shame people are as dumb as you are!

  • Elizabeth Loflin

    teresa and heather…i agree with you. unfortunately some of us have made too much money in the previous months to be able to live off of other people and the state…..some of us have to actually WORK in order to buy formula and diapers for that child. i went bk to work when my child was 4mos yrs ago ’cause i was married and couldn’t even qualify for wic. what would the ignorant people want me to do–let the baby starve instead of trying to feed him? not everyone can get help n that DOES NOT make them a bad person–it makes them a loving PARENT. no one know what happened–it could’ve been sids–he was at that age. SMH at so many…………..

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