‘Stand your ground’ to be reviewed in case of NC suspect killed during home invasion

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Michael Holliday of Hubert


HUBERT, N.C. — A prosecutor is reviewing whether the stand your ground doctrine applies to the case of an Onslow County man who shot and killed an intruder inside his home, according to the Associated Press.

According to authorities, Michael Holliday of Hubert, was shot when he and another man broke into a home southeast of Jacksonville on Sunday.

According to WITN, the suspects demanded money and drugs when the homeowner shot Holliday with a .22 caliber pistol. He died at a local hospital.

Authorities said two other people were waiting in a car outside the home during the break-in. The men drove Holliday to the hospital when their car was involved in a wreck with another vehicle.

The three accomplices face charges in connection with the robbery attempt.

Read more: WITN


  • Billy

    This sounds like another overzealous prosecutor trying to make a name for himself. They’ll stop at nothing to put someone behind bars whether they are right or not.

  • Lee

    OK 1. They broke into a place as a “home invasion” with a 12 gauge. 2. The home owner felt fear for his life (justified). 3. He told them to put down the weapon. 4. The perpetrator got shot. 5. The Prosecutor goes back to law school.

  • Keith Ross

    What’s to review, seems pretty cut and dry to me…they broke in (gun or not, threats or not), I’d have unloaded some buck shots with my 12ga. shotgun on both men and I doubt either of them would have made it to the hospital. Why is this District Attorney even focusing on the victim and rather or not he was justified under the castle law ? They were inside his house, with a gun, making threats, he would have been justified under the old laws even before the castle laws were past. People make such a big deal out of somebody exercising their rights to defend themselves and their homes. Why not focus on the perpetrators who commit the crimes and how they got what they deserved?

  • Rob

    Come in on your feet, going out on your back. Should have walked into an employment agency instead. May not have found a job, but you’d have another day to look. When you chose to invade someone’s house, you know the risk. My sympathy goes to his family.

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