‘Stand your ground’ to be reviewed in case of NC suspect killed during home invasion

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Michael Holliday of Hubert


HUBERT, N.C. — A prosecutor is reviewing whether the stand your ground doctrine applies to the case of an Onslow County man who shot and killed an intruder inside his home, according to the Associated Press.

According to authorities, Michael Holliday of Hubert, was shot when he and another man broke into a home southeast of Jacksonville on Sunday.

According to WITN, the suspects demanded money and drugs when the homeowner shot Holliday with a .22 caliber pistol. He died at a local hospital.

Authorities said two other people were waiting in a car outside the home during the break-in. The men drove Holliday to the hospital when their car was involved in a wreck with another vehicle.

The three accomplices face charges in connection with the robbery attempt.

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  • Richard Nance

    Hell, I would have shot this guy too especially in my own Home, he signed his own Death Warrant when he decided to Invade another person’s Home & Property so, I hate that he’s dead, but, he should have stayed home, but I also believe its wrong this Prosecutor is pursuing this action, what would this Idiot Prosecutor had done if this guy had broke into his home?

    • Bonnie Nichol DeBlauwe

      I am with you and think the other guy should be thankful he didn’t shot him also. When they went in the home to rob they got what they needed to get and to have to look into it well what would he have done. ya shot the ppl that broke in. I would have done the same. Only different I would have shot them both.

    • James Barber

      double check the news, some where about a year ago a congressman who is totally anti-gun shot someone breaking into his home down near Raeford North Carolina.
      Which proves the government and law enforcement believe they are the only ones that should have weapons.
      I believe weapons should be taken away from law enforcement because they’re not allowed to use them against a criminal anyway, they only have them to force their way on law-abiding citizens

      • gary poinsett

        What happens when another persons life is in danger and an unarmed cop shows up? Really think about what you just said.

      • bkrtunes

        You’re wrong, in a recent poll in News Week 5000 officers across the US where asked if they believed that law abiding citizens should bare/carry arms…99% said Yes. Most officers will tell you that if more law abiding citizens responsibly carried weapons there would be less crime and it would make their job easier. Remember, all the people in law enforcement are also citizens and have family and friends just like you, and they know they can’t be everywhere at one time. Even a police officer hopes that if his or her family members are ever faced with a dangerous situation that some law abiding citizen (hero) with a gun will be there to help them. If just 50% of law abiding citizens would carry a weapon the odds that a shooting would happen in a public place would be minuscule. If you were a criminal would you pull a gun in a public place if you knew that half the people there where packing? The police know this…they’re not stupid.

  • Tim

    Play with fire, you are going to be burned. This kid didnt deserve to die, but when you are choosing to commit a crime, expect the worst. If he had broken into my home, I would have done the same. Protecting your home and family are the two most important things in this life and when one or many people try to mess with it, expect to be dealt with, just like this homeowner did.

  • B

    Clear cut and no charges filed, however, if this was drug house then charges may be pending but you have a right to defend one’s self.

  • FaithC

    If he broke into a home I do not understand what needs to be reviewed. I am sorry he is dead but I would have done exactly what this homeowner did.
    If you break into my home and you know I am home, I will assume you are there to hurt me and I will defend myself.

    • JT

      You are right, KC–this isn’t Stand Your Ground. That pertains to CCW holders outside the home; this is Castle Doctrine. And it should be cut-and-dry. The statutes used to say that the homeowner had to prove that his/her life was in jeopardy; now, the burden is on the prosecution to prove that the intruder had no ill intentions (like someone in your home at 3 AM is there to plan a surprise birthday party or something…). Beyond that, Castle Doctrine also states that you may use deadly force on anyone in your home OR ATTEMPTING TO GAIN ACCESS TO YOUR HOME with the intention of committing a felony. Breaking and entering is a felony. So, according to law, if someone is outside the door trying to break down the door to enter your home feloniously, you may shoot them through the door/window. Tall and short, the homeowner will walk, as he/she should in this case according to the law.

  • Chris Boyles

    Stand your ground? What a farce! The man was backed up against his own wall, what was he supposed to do, lay down for them? Like Reagan said, “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.”

  • Sandra

    How can people say this kid did nothing wrong, he broke into a house. Last time I checked that was wrong! Regardless of who talked him ito into it. Sad the kid died but its the mans right to protect his self and his home. If he broke into my home he would have faced the same. Maybe his parents should of tought him that.

  • kimberly

    If u break into someone’s home especially with people in it, then u should bear the ramifications of your actions. I dont care who u r if u break into my home be prepared to die

  • felix

    What is this world coming to??? Why is this even a question? You come on my property be ready to meet GOD! We need to start sending this message to criminals. You wanna be a criminal in NC, your time is limited. Stories like this give me a warm fuzzy feeling. To enter ones private sanctuary is a tremendous mistake, and this guy got what he had coming to him. This homeowner saved us taxpayers a ton of money and sent him to his maker. Lord forgive me but BRAVO!

  • Michele

    It’s my home. I defend myself and children or my husband does. If you come through my door or windows. Be prepared because I will do whatever it takes. You are Invading my privacy my space and no where am I inviting you in if you are breaking in my home. We should stop defending illegal activity and start standing up for our rights. If people started to realize that if they break in and get shot maybe they would start to question if they really want to risk their life

  • j

    Sandra…The person who said the kid did nothing wrong was referring to the homeowner. If you read the rest of his comment , it was pretty obvious. It doesn’t sound like anyone on this thread is blaming the owner or defending the idiots that broke into his home.That being said, I think people may have been confused because this is a pic of the kid who got shot, not the home owner , which this case is being reviewed about.

  • Carol

    Sorry to hear the kid died. But, if it was not a drug house or drug deal gone bad, and was a home invasion, then he takes his chances in committing the crime. Where I live, a 74 yr old woman had 2 teenagers break into her home and beat her to the point she had to be on a feeding tube and she suffered for a year and just recently died. The judge here sentenced the boys to 80 years in prison with no parole!

  • nikki

    My home, My rules!!!!!!!!! If I didn’t invite you, then you aint welcome!!! You came in there wanting to cause harm to me and my family, well, then , you are going to meet my best friend…smith n wes

  • Sherry Steffey

    I agree that he shouldn’t have broken into someone’s home and they were just defending themselves, but please let’s don’t blame the parents. Parents can sometimes do everything right, and the kid still makes bad choices. And now they’re suffering the worst thing I can imagine ever happening to anyone, so let’s not assume they were to blame.

  • wayne swicegood

    The more thugs like this that get killed for their crimes the fewer taxpayers will have to keep up in our prisons. They should give the homeowner an award of some sort. “If you can’t do the time; don’t do the crime.”


    From the WITN story (which has more details):

    “The district attorney will review the death of an Onslow County man who was shot during a home invasion.

    Deputies say Michael Holliday later died at Camp Lejeune’s Naval Hospital.

    Authorities say Holliday was one of four people involved in a home invasion Sunday night.

    Deputies say it started around 7:30 p.m. when four people broke into a home on Abbotts Branch Lane.

    A news release says Holliday and Brian Bailey went into the home to rob John Moore of cash and drugs, while two others waited nearby in a getaway vehicle.

    Warrants say the suspects were after prescription drugs and cash worth about $200.

    Holliday and Bailey pointed a shotgun at Moore, who deputies say pulled out a .22 caliber pistol and demanded they leave his home. Deputies say Holliday was shot, and Bailey ran from the home.

    The three were taking the 21-year-old Holliday to the hospital when their vehicle collided with another vehicle on Highway 172 in Hubert. Holliday was taken to Naval Hospital and later died, according to a news release.

    Moore has not been charged with the death, while Bailey, along with Jonathan Koncir and Jordan Sanford are all charged with first degree burglary, attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon and conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon.

    The three are being held on $200,000 bonds.

    The news release says the district attorney will review the case on Tuesday.”

    Now, what should be under review, is this liberal imbecile prosecutor, for even considering “reviewing” the SYG law in a case such as this. I mean, 2 thugs break into a man’s home, to rob him of his money and presciption medications, put a shotgun on him (that alone proves deadly intent), so he pulls a handgun and shoot and kills one of the thugs (most likely the one with the shotgun). This epitomizes the intent of the SYG law. Self-defense cut, cry, and simple. This libtard prosecutor have kept his/her mouth shut, done his/her job, and followed the law.

  • samiam

    I remember an old western movie when one of the deputies was famous for placing nickles in the barrel of his shotgun, so whomever was the person he was shooting at would get hit with the nickles the same time with the shotgun blast, he would say keep the change. One or two suprises like that and you may see a slowdown in home invasions.

  • Joe

    Phil…. I believe you should re read the law. You can shoot through a door without seeing who is there if you feel someone is trying to come in to endanger you or someone inside. Laws have drastically changed in the past two years!

  • The One

    Only thing that needs fixing is the Liberalism way of thinking. You break into my house and demand money only thing you are going to get is some buck shot from a 12 gauge riot gun.

  • Angel

    Story must be true since we all know the media doesnt lie and cops always get the case right all the time?

    Not taking sides here but by a show of hands who among you were actually present? I wasnt but I am sure what is being reported is the homeowners version. It couldve been a drug deal gone bad and Holliday may have been an innocent bystander. Would the shooter tell the truth if that was the case? Likely not. Bottom line is a life is lost and regardless of why we should all be saddened by that.

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