Protecting your privacy in today’s technological world

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If you think you have complete privacy, even inside your own home, you may want to think again.

Technological devices allow for an enormous amount of data to be gathered. And often times, we don't even know it.

FOX8's Julie Grant spoke with legal expert and nationally-known Elon Law School Professor Steve Friedland to better understand how you can protect your privacy.

Friedland says just as you would close the curtains and shut the door at home, you should turn off devices when they are not in use.

He encourages Internet users to sign out and shut down computers and tablets when they are not in use. Be mindful of Wi-Fi in public place and sign out when finished.

Friedland is currently writing a book on various privacy issues and says he will focus on how many mass surveillance systems are out there - he says the number is growing.

He says he will also dig deeper into who is watching the "watchers," the Government, who is in turn watching us.

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