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Profane Burger King receipt moves Virginia grandmother to tears

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(Credit: WTVR)

RICHMOND, Va. — A woman in Richmond says she will never go back to a local Burger King after she was handed a receipt that labeled her and her daughter as “B**** A** H***,” according to WTVR.

“This is more than an insult. I mean calling you names on a piece of a paper, that will hurt somebody,” Miss Lorel, who did not want her last name identified, told WTVR while fighting back tears. “I liked going there. But after this they won’t get my business anymore.”

The woman says she immediately informed the manager. She says the manager apologized and said an incident like that had never happened before at his Burger King.

A Burger King district manager said he was “dealing with” the situation.

Franchise owner John Naparlo told WTVR he hoped surveillance video would allow them to discover which employee was responsible for the profane receipt.

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  • david

    they domt need surveillance video to prove which employee did it because each employee has a employee number they have to put in the register !!

    • FaithC

      You are right. Anywhere you go from fast food to the grocery store to the mall I see the cashier put their number in before they do anything on the register. So why do they have to look at a video?

      • mbierlik

        To verify they did it? How about I lift your fingerprints, go off someone and you get blamed. Lets not have a trial, your prints are there so you did it, end of story! Sometimes people sign in to the register and get busy and other people will ring things up. This might have been the case. Don’t be so quick there Judge Dredd!

  • The Truth

    If you frequent fast food restaurants, this kind of stuff is par for the course. You’re either going to be served by someone who barely speaks English as a second language or someone who barely speaks English…period. Society has coddled these individuals for the last two-and-a-half decades or so and told them, “it’s okay…WE’LL adjust to YOUR standards! Work begins at 9, so we’ll see you between 9:17 and whenever the hell you feel like getting here.” To make things worse, these individuals have multiplied at an alarming rate. Can you blame them? The majority of fast-food employees are neck-deep in the dole and other entitlements and are thus REWARDED for producing offspring that they cannot afford to support.Now THEIR CHILDREN…about 5 or 6 for each one of them on the average, are following in their parents’ footsteps. When will it stop? When the free ride ends. Sure…BK and Mickey D’s will have to pay their employees a living wage, but it won’t be one that rewards incessant stupidity and irresponsibility…and they’ll even be able to adjust for inflation: The consumers will be able to afford it once they are no longer footing the bill for these entitlements. I call it a win-win for everyone who hasn’t been cheating the system. Those individuals deserve to lose for a while.

      • The Truth

        Did you mean to say “What the hell AM I talking about”? If so, try pulling your head out of the sand, looking at the big picture regardless of how much it offends your liberal or “progressive” sensibilities…and getting on board every other November with something other than the two choices that your masters have allowed you.

      • Jennifer

        Good question Henry! I hope his racist rant made him feel better but nothing in any of that article stated that the person who did this was Hispanic. If it’s even true! Most of these customer done wrong reports that have gone all over the internet turn out to be big hot lies.

    • lailee

      What the heck is wrong with you, please make sure you take your meds it seems you are in need of. I ca not believe you are trying to blame hispanics for this this makes me laugh so hard…

    • Ronald Jones

      You have went over board!!! & just need to shut the f up. ..spew all that hatred over a megaphone in front of a lot of people and see how long you last I do not like it when people like you hide behind your computers with you racist, ignorant rants…..the government has its flaws but this doesn’t have s*** to do with that

  • terri pope

    she ought to sue. I don’t believe is suing all the time. tis needs to b done. u cant keep treating pple like tis.

  • Janine

    Sometimes the name that’s on the receipt isn’t the person who took the order.

    I blame that stupid mandate in Obamacare that limits our hours to the company hiring some people that seem nothing much more than “warm bodies, brain not required”.

    • Jennifer

      Janine, try to turn off Fox. Nothing in Obamacare forces businesses to cut hours. The part of Obamacare that mandates employers with over a certain number of employees to provide insurance has not gone into effect yet. Most fast food employers do not allow their employees to work over 30 hrs so they don’t have to pay ANY benefits and that’s been the case for a long time. So blame Obama if it makes you feel better.

  • Valerie

    They couldnt even spell the insult right !!!! The last one should start with a W not an H they work there bc they dont qualify to work anywhere else and ” the truth” is defiantly bipolar and needs to back on their meds

  • Mike

    Hey, wait… the ticket is a drive through order,,, do they have 2 way video at the drive through?? Only way to know if she was what the ticket said…

    Seriously, since you can no longer teach morals in schools ever since prayer was taken out, this is what society produces. Get used to it or get over it.

  • ZooMom

    Let’s all remember to spell check our comments that sneer at other people’s spelling errors, shall we? People who use ‘defiantly’ in place of ‘definitely’ really shouldn’t be pointing fingers, never mind the lack of correct punctuation, apostrophes, and capitalization, the stupid ‘texting’ abbreviation of words like ‘because’ to ‘bc’, and the complete absence of words such as ‘go’, as in ‘needs to GO back on their meds’. Otherwise, dear, you are a shining example of literate user of comprehensive English. Congratulations.

    And really, most of these comments just prove that there are rude, crude, and barely educated people everywhere. It has nothing to do with Obama, or fast food worker stereotypes, or immigrants, or minimum wage. All this article demonstrates to me is that here is yet another person completely lacking in respect for other human beings and even for their own self.

  • Chris Boyles

    “This is more than an insult. I mean calling you names on a piece of a paper, that will hurt somebody,” hmmmm seems like a lot of that is going on here with the comments, but with virtual paper instead…I am Bipolar and approve this message!

  • 2Cents

    It does not say that the worker was a young person but I would bet that they are. The problem here is that people, especially teenagers and younger people, have no respect! This type of thing is happening everywhere now. And it is nothing more than having poor manners, no class, and no respect for others. Perhaps they should have had their butts kicked more when they were children.

  • Will Grant

    Why bother with profanity when you could have just as easily busted on her for her jug ears and Chicklet teeth?

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