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Allegedly drunk substitute teacher arrested at school

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OKLAHOMA -- A substitute teacher in Oklahoma is accused of showing up to teach at school while under the influence of alcohol.

Michelle Childress was arrested when police say she could barely stay on her feet, according to KFOR.

Officers wearing small cameras captured the encounter with the woman.

"What's going on?" the officer asked.

"He called me to sub today," Childress replied.

Childress made it to the classroom at Washington Elementary to teach a roomful of kids, but school officials called the police when they noticed something wasn't right.

"So you drank then you came up here to sub?" the officer asked. "That's not too good of a decision."

Her reply?

"No, but I mean, but it's not a bad decision."

When the officer told her that it was a bad decision to sub while intoxicated, she replied, "No. I'm not intoxicated."

Officers said the woman's speech was slurred and she was unsteady on her feet, but she blamed it on being sick.

According to KFOR, Childress refused a field sobriety test and never admitted to being drunk.

She was taken into custody and after Childress agreed to a test, her blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit.

Source: CNN/KFOR


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