Greensboro City Attorney resigns following personnel meeting

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Following a closed session meeting of the Greensboro City Council regarding a personnel matter, the city has accepted the resignation of City Attorney Mujeeb Shah-Khan.

Shah-Khan says the city asked him to step down. This decision comes after a week of questions surrounding a $750,000 loan the City Council voted to give the International Civil Rights Center and Museum last fall.

"Today, City Council accepted the resignation of City Attorney Mujeeb Shah-Khan," said Mayor Nancy Vaughan. "We are appreciative of the efforts he has provided and work he has done for the City of Greensboro. We wish him well in his future endeavors."

FOX8 asked Shah-Khan if, in his position as Greensboro City Attorney, he did anything wrong.

"No. Nothing!" he said.

"I did my job, which was to provide legal advice to the city manager. The city manager made the decision to provide the $750,000 payment to the museum, not the city attorney. I didn't say write the check," he said.

With the resignation, Shah-Khan will receive six months severance at his current annual salary of $166,860.

With Shah-Khan's departure, an interim city attorney will be named while the City Council conducts a national search process.

"When you are in this situation you feel a lot of different emotions. You're going to be angry; you're going to sad; but you're also going to be satisfied. I'm satisfied with the work that we did as a city attorney's office," said Shah-Khan.

Shah-Khan joined the City of Greensboro in June 2012 from the City of Charlotte.


    • FaithC

      That was my thought when I read this. Why are we paying him 6 months severance? What information does he have he can hold over the others head?

    • J

      Now that is the 750.00 question. So under the guise of being such vigilant “taxpayer watchdogs”, the council has just now “given away” another $80.000 of said taxpayer money for a resignation for reasons unshared. Something really, really smells here……..Please,please make me understand because this looks really bad.

      • Michael D. Rubin (@MichaelRubin)

        So Mayor Vaughn replied to me on Twitter that this was pretty standard in contracts and the last city attorney got it too. I told her the next one shouldn’t get a penny if they resign and also pressed her on why he was paid double what was in his contract….

  • Will Grant

    At least the City is rid of this tool. Still have Hinson unfortunately, but overall it’s been getting better… Bellamy-Small, Roth, and now this clown are gone…still a long way to go.

  • Slim

    Seems like Council is CYOA for a forgivable loan they made to the museum. Thing is we should never be here. Council should have never agreed to give a loan to a failing organization that will never be able to pay it back. Seems like council should look at themselves first. They agreed to give away the money. And yes there were repayment terms, but council would have just amended the loan and forgave it, just like they did to the Nussbaum Center. It also took the City several years to find someone willing to put up with them. Here we go looking like clowns again. Council just raked their employee over the coals, who would come here and subject themselves and their family to this….

  • Will Grant

    oh, brother… he states, “I didn’t write the check,” yet when an employee pointed out the risks of writing the check, this clown said, “We understand the risks.” (this was in the e-mail trail, not listed in this article)

    when any governing body…at any level…bows to pressure from people who vote for a living rather than work for a living…stuff like this happens

  • news2me

    hmmmm…He seems like a good honest lawyer to me.

    Why did they ??

    Ask him to resign……

    During a Closed Session……

    Gave him Severance Pay……

    Would you please leave so___________________________________________ ??????

    You will never know this behind closed door stuff. Just guess.

  • David Hedgecock

    This is an example of paying off somebody so that they don’t keep talking and stirring the pot that now is stinking to high heaven. Somebody needs to take responsibility ;;step up to the plate and say the truth ;;It was a big mistake to give away this money;;;almost a million dollars. The Greensboro City council wants this guy out of town. I think that they gave the money because they didn’t want to be painted with the ‘racist’ brush;;and they thought they were buying favor from the NAACP and other Minority groups. Now that the residents of Greensboro has found out about this “CON” of tax payer money, they just want to cover their A******S ;;and get this guy pushed this from the get go knowing all the while they at the Civil Rights Commision were corrupt and could never or WOULD NEVER repay the money. Most on the council felt ok with giving away this money;;;but on condition that they could deny their collusion later;;;and that’s what’s happening now, but they didn’t expect the fire and heat to be this hot. Now they on the Council are ‘running for the tall grass and pushing all the blame to this clown. Most all on the council were complicit in this ‘thievery of tax dollars. My big question is Why hasn’t the City Manager been fired as well, or been asked to resign. Didn’t he have to approve and sign that check? Does anyone know the answer as to whey the City Manager gets a free pass and a ‘get out of jail free card” here?

    • frank sinner

      Roth was the city manager when the check was cut for the museum where she was a board member is my understanding,I agree collusion should be the charges on Roth,the city attorney and the museum people as well !! Love to see the whole crowd in handcuffs !!

  • frank sinner

    Took only two to pull off a million dollar theft of taxpayer money,you have Roth and the city attorney cut the 750,000 check then they both draw salary and severance and benefits that will top a million or more bring Roth back file fraud charges on both bring in the thief from the museum as well, bring the whole crowd into the open !! Do not be surprised if the city-thief-attorney,catches a plane for DC. !!

    • Will Grant

      It’s what happens when city “leaders” allow themselves to be intimidated by a loud minority. They fail to exercise due diligence or make anyone accountable until the story goes national and they have no other viable choice but to finally act like leaders.

  • Stephen

    100% guarantee that no one will ever be held accountable for this. The show will go on as it always has been, and the people of Greensboro will continue to pay these crooks. GUARANTEED!

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