Utah mom offended by ‘pornographic’ t-shirts buys them all from store

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UTAH -- An Orem mom is not happy with a mall window display she calls "pornography."

The PacSun store in Orem refused to take the offending shirts off display. So she bought every last t-shirt to force the store into making a change.

Judy Cox spent $567 on t-shirts she will admittedly never wear and hopes no one will.

The t-shirts hanging on a clothes line in the PacSun window on Saturday stopped her in her tracks.

Cox was shopping with her 19-year-old son when she saw the shirts in question. Cox says, "This was pushing a button, they were trying to make a statement and I don't think it's appropriate here or anywhere else where children are shopping in a mall."

The "visual by Van Styles" t's at the University Mall in Orem are gone now, but you'll find similar displays at the PacSun store in Salt Lake City's Gateway Mall and across the nation.

Cox was so upset she stopped to talk to a manager who she says was polite, but couldn't help.

Cox was told by the manager that they "needed to talk to corporate offices and it could take days." That was unacceptable to Cox, so she told them she'd buy the window display.

The manager said you could buy them, but the store would just replace them. Since the store only had 19 shirts, at $27.98 a piece, the purchase wasn't cheap.

Nearly $600 later Cox left, but it was not the end. If the store gets a new shipment this mom says she'll go back and buy them out again.

The concern she says is not in selling the shirts but displaying them in the window, she believes it goes against Orem City's decency code.

Cox believes the code should match up to the State code, "If the buttocks shows without an opaque covering it's illegal. Two of these clearly cross the line." Cox stated.

Two shirts have photos of lingerie models something she admits you can see at Victoria's Secret.

She argues Victoria's Secret displays are different saying, "it's a lingerie store you're not going in and purchasing a shirt with a pornographic image on the shirt. People are buying lingerie."

Cox is concerned over whom PacSun is marketing to and that young children can not only see, but also buy the shirts. In the end she would like to see the shirts removed from all stores and for "pornography to go away."

She says it "harms families and it harms cultures."

This Orem mom plans to return all the shirts once the city manager rules on whether the graphic shirts can be legally displayed.

She says she notified the store and PacSun corporate offices of her intentions to essentially hold the shirts hostage.

Because this all started on a Saturday and this is the end of a long holiday weekend she has not heard back.

We tried contacting the store, the artist and mall management but no one returned our calls.

Source: KUTV


  • JT

    Uh, doesn’t she know how protest goes? The goal is to NOT give your money to the company/business or whatever you deem offensive. This is just stupid; reminds me of all those idiots who burned their Dixie Chicks cd’s after they said they were embarrassed to be from the same state George W. Bush was from. Why not just burn $20 and call it a protest?

  • Suzi

    WHile I wholehearted support her complaint & protest,, she only fueled the fire by giving the store a quick sell-out…now the headquarters, thinking these are a hot item, will now double the next order…

  • Fooey

    Dang shes so dumb.
    She threatens to buy them out if they get in another shipment of t-shirts. The store is lovin it, they will ship in a whole truckload for her. She must have more money than common sense.

  • Wendy

    If the shirt is so offensive to you, how about you NOT buy it or look at it! Don’t shop at that store! You must have lots of spare money lying around to do what you are doing! Maybe others are not offended maybe others think it’s just a little funny– you don’t have the right to decide what is and what is not offensive for the rest of us! Don’t shop there, don’t look at those ” offensive” shirts and teach your kids your values-/ let me decide what is offensive to me and mine !
    People really need to get a grip! If YOU don’t like something then leave it alone, you have no right to push your views on everyone else !

    • Melanie Austin

      Totally agree with Wendy. Don’t take away our choices . Even if I don’t agree with something .does not mean we need to change it. Hello. Walk away.

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