10-year-old Missouri girl that prompted AMBER Alert found dead; suspect charged

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10-year-old Hailey Owens | 45-year-old Michael Wood

SPRINGFIELD, MO — The body of a 10-year-old that prompted a nationwide AMBER Alert has been found, family members told KTVI.

According to the report, Craig Michael Wood, 45, was arrested around 11:45 p.m. Tuesday in connection with the case. He faces first degree murder charges, according to the Greene County Sheriff’s Office website. 

Wood was a teacher’s aide and athletic coach in the Springfield School District. He has worked in the district since 1998.

Hailey Owens was reported missing around 4:45 p.m. Tuesday after Wood allegedly stopped and asked her for directions and then pulled her into his vehicle, according to KTVI.

Officials confirmed Wednesday the body of a young girl was found inside his home, however they did not confirm the identity of the body. Early Wednesday morning, police obtained a search warrant for Wood’s home and found the child’s body inside.


10-year-old Hailey Owens

Witnesses say the man grabbed Hailey from in front of a neighbor’s home and drove away in a gold 2008 Ford Ranger Tuesday afternoon. The suspect drove down the street several times before approaching Hailey and pulling her into his truck, witnesses told police.

Hailey’s mother said the fourth-grader was returning home from visiting a friend when she was abducted a couple of blocks from her home.

The FBI is assisting with the investigation.

Police are expected to provide more details at a 12 p.m. news conference.

Source: KTVI

Timeline of events (all times Central Time Zone):

  • Tuesday 4:48 p.m.  Witnesses call Springfield, Mo. police to report child abduction.
  • Tuesday 5:00 p.m.  Police arrive at scene of reported abduction.
  • Tuesday 7:00 p.m.  State-wide AMBERAlert is issued for Hailey Owens.
  • Tuesday 8:30 p.m.  Following a tip, police locate Craig Michael Wood in his vehicle. He is taken into custody.
  • Tuesday 11:30 p.m.  About 30 police officers and investigators search area in the 1500 block of E. Stanford Street where they find evidence of foul play.
  • Wednesday 6:30 a.m.  Police hold news conference, name Wood as suspect.
  • Wednesday 7:30 a.m.  AMBER Alert organization tweets the alert has been canceled.


  • Nelsia loraine smith

    Sigh….children should be allowed to live happy lives and live long!!!! Why are we humans sooooo cruel””””””

  • Ang

    This is what happens when you have a “System” that just slaps people on the backs of the hands when they do something wrong, and continually do it, this is what it leads to. The mind of man wants to get by with something greater than what he got by with before.
    Prayers for strength and comfort for their loss.

  • CH

    Sick people like this is why we should bring back public hanging. My heart goes out to this family. Rest in peace Hailey.

    • Sara

      I was thinking the same thing. It should have been issued immediately and this could have been prevented! Very sad!

    • Rainbowplier Vampimash (rainbow dash, markiplier, marceline VAMPirus, and yamimash in one name)

      WHY WAS THE GIRL WALKING HOME ALONE ANYWAY? shes ten and in my opinion she shouldnt be walking home even a few blocks alone, i would understand if it was like down the street but no, it was a few blocks, and thats plenty of ground for a little girl to be kidnapped and killed. and freaking two hours till the amberalert was put out!?!! thats plenty of time to kill someone!! i mean seriously! america, its time for the age of the robotic police forces, get people out and searching within seconds of the report call. seriously, i know the police are tryin their best out there but, really. i have no more words for this, except, how did she die? they never metioned if she was strangled or knifed or something, call me crazy but im just curious.


    Okay let’s look at the timeline:
    Tuesday 5:00 p.m. Police arrive at scene of reported abduction.
    Tuesday 7:00 p.m. State-wide AMBERAlert is issued for Hailey Owens.
    Why in the h3** did it take TWO HOURS to file a statewide AMBER ALERT???
    DUMB @$$ES!!!

    • Bill

      A neighbor man and his wife witnessed the abduction and the man actually chased the truck on foot while his wife wrote down the license plate number. The police claim that is how the caught up with the man as quickly as they did. Unfortunately not quickly enough.

  • sinnerfrank

    Wood was a teacher’s aide and athletic coach in the Springfield School District. He has worked in the district since 1998. Likely not his first time,teachers and all the people on schools payroll,should have strong background checks as well as drug test! Why are these people we trust with children not held to the same standards as a fast food employee? Real simple POLITICS !!

    • sinnerfrank

      Springfield police said they suspect 45-year-old Craig Michael Wood, member of the democrat Teachers’ Union also worked part time for the DNC. The Teachers’ Union has started a defense fund and democrats have already raised over $1MM for his defense…

    • FaithC

      I agree with you. They need to do intense detailed background checks on anybody entrusted with our children. Drug testing should be a must! Their life should be an open book if they want to work with kids. If they have an issue with that, we can assume they have something o hide.

  • sz

    Their time line is really off, I got the amber alert about 6, and they had a explication for the delay. Also the statements that the Springfield public school’s put out, I’m pretty sure they are not going to help him.Union or not.

  • Betty Blake

    When will parentswake up and stop letting young children be out on the streets alone, don’t they know those prederators are just waiting to grab our children, Killing him is too easy, make him suffer like he made poor little Hailey. First they should castrate him.

  • Mom of 2

    For the people complaining about the police, what exactly did they do wrong? It’s not like it took them 45 minutes to get there….. Less than 4 hours to catch a kidnapper is not bad timing at all. I hate that this piece of lowdown scum killed this innocent baby, but the police are not at fault.

  • jeff

    BURN IN HELL MUTHA@#$#ER! I hope he gets punished in prison every single day of his pathetic life. May that little angel rest…..

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  • Renisha

    Im A 14 Year Old Girl . At The Age Of Ten I Stayed In The House , And My Friends Had To Come In My House To Play With Me . Im Glad For That , But Its Not The Man’s Fault Really ( Well It Is But Still ) Her PARENTS Are At Blame Because Why Was She WALKING BY HERSELF At The Age Of 1O . Can Someone Explain To Me . But Hailey Please Just Rest In Peace .

  • volunteer

    Do not blame the victim Renisha. Many children walk to school. My grandson walks one block to school, should his parents have to walk him there? He is 12 years old. Let’s get rid of these child predators…life in prison, no parole. There is no cure for pediphiles.

  • Mikaila.R

    People have been talking about that same girl had the talking angela app and that angela ask people there age and were they live. This is also all over the google app store comments box for talking angela they say if you look into angela’s eye you could see an old man sitting watchinging you. But that might not be true. Because it seems like article has nothing about talking angela.So might be some stupid rummor say thats why that girl got kidnapped.

  • lolkid

    Why are these people wanting to kill children anyway there idiots I’m gonna kill them and I’m getting talking angela.

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