Report: Charlotte food store clerk fired for comment he made to Gov. McCrory

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — An employee at a Charlotte food store claims he was fired after Gov. Pat McCrory’s security detail complained about a comment he made to the governor on Sunday, according to the Charlotte Observer.

McCrory was shopping at Reid’s Fine Foods when Drew Swope, 45, asked McCrory if he could help, according to the paper.

After he realized he was speaking to the governor, Swope apparently told McCrory, “Thanks for nothing,” and walked away, according to the paper.

Swope told the paper the governor was “upset” at his comment and began “yelling” at him. He claims McCrory told him he was a customer and shouldn’t be treated that way.

Swope said the governor and his security team complained to the food store owner, who then fired Swope.

Swope told the paper he does not blame Reid’s for letting him go, admitting, “I did speak out of turn.”

McCrory’s communications director Joshua Ellis told the paper that Swope also made an obscene gesture to the governor during the conversation.

Swope denied the accusation.

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  • Jennifer

    Thanks for saying what so many of us are thinking and experiencing. Mr. Swope only did to the governor what he has done to the majority of citizens…turn his back and walk away from his duties. So next election, PLEASE let’s do to him what was done to Mr. Swope.

  • Jim Fitz

    in all probabilaty he was not qualified for medicaid or obamacare health insurance while he was working as a clerk.
    over 20% of north carolina folks do not have health insurance.
    mccrory can not expand medicaid because art pope makes the decisions in north carolina!
    thank god for obamacare! north carolina leads the nation enrolling in obamacare and the majority are low income earners! i wonder how many are republicans that are getting help to buy insuraance?

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