Chad Tucker, wife share their birth story photos

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Chad Tucker and his wife, Meredith, are sharing their birth story.

Meredith gave birth to Carson Parry on Friday, Jan. 3. Their photographer captured their birth story and posted the photos on her blog last month.

People from North Carolina to Oregon sent Chad and Meredith messages detailing how the birth story helped them reconnect with family members and find healing after the loss of a child.

“Meredith and I have been blessed by the heartfelt responses we’ve received from across the country of family re-connections, parents finding healing after the loss of a child and comfort in dealing with personal struggles,” Chad said. “We never thought our birth story would touch people the way that it has. We are inspired that our little miracle has brought others comfort and joy.”

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  • Kristine Ingle


  • Kristen Peele

    He is so precious! And the emotions were caught in these pictures perfectly. Having a daughter myself, I know the magic and happiness a child can bring. Best wishes, and many years of happiness to you all. :)

  • jen

    News doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Some people do care. I for one thought it was a great story and the pictures are beautiful. Take your negativity somewhere else.

  • Tracey Kiger

    Absolutely adorable!! It is amazing that you can love that little bundle of joy that much. It just feels like you have never been without them. Congratulations on your precious new addition!!!

  • Kim White Newnam

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us!! You have a beautiful daughter, and I know your little bundle of joy will bring you both lots of joyful moments in the years to come. Enjoy every moment you have with her every step of the way. It’s amazing how fast they grow, so
    make sure you keep that video camera handy. God Bless you all three!!

  • Belinda Baisden

    This is awesome except for the photography place stamping all the pictures with their logo and website… we get it they were done by Ashley but its looks really tacky that you are advertising on almost every picture on such a special moment can’t you cash in some other way?

    • Vicki Hayes

      What’s tacky is your comment!! Nobody is advertising anything! Those photos were taken by a professional and to be reproduced the photographer’s logo, etc. stays on. My daughter was married in Chicago recently and I couldn’t have been happier to share her photos with her photographer’s name in the corner of each photo!!! I can’t believe that anyone could make ANY negative comments about those beautiful pictures on what had to be the happiest day of Mr. and Mrs. Chad Tucker’s life!! Congrats to the happy parents and kudos to Ashley for the beautiful photos!!

  • Jennifer Covington

    This is so presious!!! Oh my goodness I have tears;) Definitley memories and a moment to remember!!! Congrats!!!

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