18-month-old dies after father backs over her in driveway

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WAXHAW, N.C. — The Union County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after an 18-month-old girl was run over in her own driveway.

Troopers were called to a Waxhaw home Monday afternoon after a little girl was hit by a vehicle.

The little girl was found unresponsive with head injuries.

Union County Sheriff Eddie Cathey told WSOC the girl’s father left the house, intending to run an errand, while his three young children were playing in the backyard.

When the father went back inside to grab his wallet, investigators said, the girl left the backyard and went to the driveway.

Authorities said when the father backed out of the garage, he struck the little girl.

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    • mbierlik

      Really? God? Little late for that now, could’ve helped about 2 sec before the steam roller came by…. Thanks for that wasted effort.

      • Paula Whitaker

        There is always someone who has to comment about another’s referral to God. Let people express sympathy however they want to. If you don;t believe it..fine. Most people who comment against prayers or God make rude, hateful and unneccessary comments (steamroller? really?) like yours. Which do you think is nicer?

  • Amy

    Your an a**. He didn’t do it on purpose. Grow up. Mistakes happen. Unfortunately some are worse then others. I’m sure he feels bad enough with ur rude inconsiderate comments. Maybe you shouldn’t breed and populate the world with retards.

  • Jolene

    seems like a true accident so sad and heart breaking that dad will have to live with that the rest of his life that should be punishment enough. Sending prayers of peace love and forgiveness

  • RachH

    I hope they don’t try to charge this man with a crime! Law enforcement seems so eager to do that these days even when the acts are obviously tragic accidents (this sort of thing, accidentally forgetting small children in hot cars, etc). People sometimes make horrible, horrible mistakes and their unimaginable grief is more than punishment enough, as if they even deserve “punishment” at all. May this family find some sort of peace and comfort. Heartbreaking beyond words.

    • larutled

      Forgetting small children in hot cars?? That’s not an “unfortunate accident”. You deserve to be charged with a crime if you leave a child in a hot car.

      • RachH

        larutled, how do YOU know that leaving children in a not car is not sometimes an accident? There is at least one case I remember where a busy, stressed, frazzled parent actually forgot…YES FORGOT their sleeping baby was in her/his car seat in the back seat of the car and and left the child there while he or she went into the office for the day. The routine had gotten switched up… the other parent usually took the child to daycare. I feel positive that the majority of cases where a sleeping/quiet baby is left in a hot car it is indeed a tragic accident. Most parents don’t feel murderous toward their babies! I’ve heard of a couple of cases recently where police officers forgot and accidentally left their canine partners in hot cars long enough for them to die. Do you think those police officers murdered their dogs on purpose. People make MISTAKE, sometimes VERY TRAGIC MISTAKES. You are a fool if you don’t realize that.

  • Anna Bromley

    This is the 6th article I have read about this type of thing happening, in the last 6 months…. People need to learn to check behind their cars and not be in such a rush all the time. Maybe parents should start calling out to their children/spouses “I’m leaving now, please stay away from the car/come make sure your sibling isn’t out here”…. Yeah, he made a mistake, but it could have VERY EASILY been avoided if he had just slowed down enough to check. Now he paid for it with a life.

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