14-year-old High Point girl pleads guilty to killing brother

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HIGH POINT, N.C. — A 14-year-old girl pleaded guilty in juvenile court to second-degree murder in the stabbing death of her brother, according to the High Point Enterprise.

Police responded to an apartment in the Brentwood Crossing complex just before 1 a.m. Nov. 10, of last year.

Police say the girl and her 16-year-old brother, Ti’Kere Martin, a student at Southwest High School, has been arguing all day before the girl got a knife and attacked him.

The sister stabbed Ti’Kere in the upper chest, hitting an artery under the collarbone, according to police. He was taken to the High Point Regional Hospital and was pronounced dead.

It was reported that the girl’s guilty plea was part of a plea deal. Details about sentencing have not been released.

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      • FaithC

        Unfortunately, I have to agree with you. Not only family, but if it was so easy for her to do this to her brother, she will do it again to whoever in the future. When she is an adult and out, someone else will have to die at her hands before they put her away for good.

      • jizm jamie

        way to judge a young girl not even knowing the circumstances, It’s people like you that the world would be better off without, You don’t know how she feels about it, she could be mentally unstable or anything, who are you to judge anyone, and I bet your name is Faith because you seem to think your a Christian, true Christians don’t judge others, only the hypocrites judge others, She will get the help she needs, you on the other hand, well let me put it this way, you can’t fix stupid. so before you judge others, take a look in your own back yard and worry about yourself

      • jizm jamie

        I most certainly did, And I have never once claimed to be a Christian and I only said that proving a point, What’s one of the quotes in the bible that everyone claims to live by? I’m not that familiar with it, but doesn’t it go something like “JUDGE NOT, AND YOU WILL NOT BE JUDGED;CONDEMN NOT, AND YOU WILL NOT BE CONDEMNED; FORGIVE, AND YOU WILL BE FORGIVEN”
        I’m pretty sure that’s how it goes. All I’m saying is the girl is 14 years old, her brain isn’t even fully matured yet, but people seem to think she should be locked away for ever as if there is no reform for her. Nobody knows how she feels about what happened, But yet they condemn her before she even gets sentenced, and off what evidence? what the news says? The news stretches stories to get people to read them, She doesn’t need prison, She needs an institution to treat her and find out what happened, Besides just saying she murdered her brother, something has made that happen and for anyone else knows could have been cause by how she was treated or anything, What if he had been raping her when no ones around? would she have the right to do what she done then? no one knows, so why judge?

      • jizm jamie

        Wow, Way to Judge a young child not even knowing the circumstances, People like you are the ones the world could do without, If you don’t want judged, then don’t judge others.

    • The Mother

      I’m the mother of these children and you are cruel and hurtful for what you said but thats your opinion and I can’t be mad but I will pray for you…

      • James

        I never said that was what happened, it was a scenario saying people should not be judging her because they don’t know anything about her or anything that happened, I’m not the one saying she should be locked away for life or executed, I think people should stop judging her because they don’t know anything about the story, If you think that is cruel and hurtful because I am telling people they need to stop judging your daughter because they have no idea of what happened then maybe I am the cruelest person in the world, I know he probably wasn’t raping her or anything, I used that as a way to tell people they don’t know what happened and to leave her and the family alone and stop judging her from what they know nothing about, My heart & Prayers go out to you, your daughter & whole family, I wish you all the best and hope god gives you the strength you need for this, I’m sorry if that came across the wrong way to you, but all I was doing was telling people not to judge and condemn her for something they have no clue about.

  • Faye Farlow

    Sorry this is so awful!Dear Wow so your thoughts are all perfect if so you are unique. It is normal not to be able to understand actions like this!But I do feel so bad for all the family!

  • Tootsie Everhardt

    Sad situation! We don’t know what the brother may have been trying to do to the girl. If just a sibling disagreement then she may have some real anger issues and be a danger to others.

  • Kajarvis L. Moore

    From what I’ve been told by folks in the neighboorhood of brentwood, the two were ordinary brother and sisters. They argued all the time and and basically fought all the time (as most brothers and sisters do at a young age). It’s sad that this heated arguement would be their last arguement they will ever have and ended up as a murder. It’s sad that not only does a mother have to lose her son but she also had to watch her other child go to prison for the crime. I know the mother has to be so torn! Please pray for her the mother and the younger sibling.

  • misunderstood

    you guys should put yourselves in these peoples shoes before you make some of the comments that are sometime made just like others you are human and your future is written for you also

  • old codger

    I read comments like don’t judge her you don’t know, or you weren’t their e, but seriously even a fourteen year old knows that stabbing someone because of an argument is excessive. One of the many problems with kids today no impulse control.

  • David Crosby

    I had muesli and yoghurt (Chobi apricot) for breakfast. People know so little of what actually happened they should leave well enough alone rather and spare us the (in most cases) semi-literate, typo-filled rants.

  • Yogurt

    I would think well would hope that the girl still knew right from wrong. What’s wrong is wrong . Have no sorrow for that girl.. She did what she did and will pay for it in the end… No matter what… Feel sorry for mother ,boy, and family.. Will pray for you guys..

  • designer1

    you and your kids continue to be in my prayers as one person already stated no one knows the circumstances all ppl know is a mother has lost two of her babies. I don’t judge nor do I wish harm to the young lady she may or may not understand what happened or why but I know she is in just as much pain knowing her brother is no longer here. I come from a big family where we fight fuss get over things but I can honestly say I’ve seen things get out if control and maybe their argument went too far it can happen to anyone. I’ve personally seen one of my sister’s take a weapon to one of our brothers out of anger and know once u get to a certain point (hurt,emotionally unstable) accidents happen. to the mom continue to have faith I follow u and ur story on fb I know ur struggle well I know of ur struggle keep ur faith and know everything will be ok. stand by ur baby she needs u she is still here

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