Greensboro teacher accused of sex offenses with student

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Randall Lee Clawson, 53, of Greensboro

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A Greensboro teacher has been placed on administrative leave after being accused of inappropriately touching an elementary school student.

The Greensboro News & Record reported that Randall Lee Clawson, 53, of Greensboro, was arrested Friday and placed on leave pending the outcome of an investigation.

Authorities said the suspect is a teacher at Lindley Elementary School. He is accused of having sexual contact with a student against the student’s will.

The suspect faces charges of taking indecent liberties with a student, second-degree sex offense, first-degree sex offense against a child, second-degree kidnapping and taking indecent liberties with a child.

It allegedly happened sometime after Christmas break and involved a student less than 13 years old. It is not clear whether or not it allegedly happened on school property.

The suspect teaches ESOL (English speakers of other languages) for exceptional children, according to the Lindley Elementary School website.

Source: The Greensboro News & Record


  • Andy Stevens

    Probably has tenure and is rated as exceptional, in his last School Board evaluation (if any!) too! Of course he can’t be fired or have his pay docked if tenured…..but the Board will risk the expense of a lawsuit so a POS like this can be protected “for the good of the children”! This is what “tenure” protects….not the hard working, successful Teachers!

    If a more reasonable “contract” between School Board and tenured teacher was the norm….we wouldn’t worry about him being back in a classroom ever again!

  • Chucky1992

    Anyone ever heard the phrase “innocent until proven guilty”? If you were accused of this, you’d want to be presumed innocent too. I’m not saying he didn’t do it, just that there have been students who’ve made false accusations before. Only three parties here know what the real evidence is here and I doubt that many here are any of those.

    • bj

      You’re exactly right, Chucky. People make hasty judgments without all the facts. I happen to know the person and have a hard time believing that there is not another explanation for what happened. Perhaps I will be proven wrong, but until then I am looking at this as alleged actions and not solid proof.

    • Does it matter?

      The lack of respect and intelligence in some of these comments disgusts me. Whether he is guilty or not, no one has the right to accuse anyone before the trial is over. Right now there’s nothing but the charge. And hearing he looks like a pedophile makes me angry. I know this man, he’s a good one. And again, before the trial isn’t over, you shouldn’t even be allowed, no one, to comment on it online. Period.

    • news2me

      Rush to judgement is so rampant these days thus scarring the reputation of the truly innocent.

      I am not saying that this man is innocent but your comment is Spot On!

  • Ryan

    This POS touched my daughter… There wouldn’t be a arrest, trial, or even have people debate about it… This POS deserves everything that is coming his way.

  • Mr Hand

    More proof teachers in NC need huge raises for working 9 months a year and molesting our kids, take that Pat McGreedy!

  • Debbie

    IF the allegations are true he needs to stay the rest of his life behind bars. IF he’s guilty of touching one little girl he’s probably did this before.. I believe in innocent until proven guilty but its hard to say the kid lied. I hope the courts resolve this fast.

  • Gio Kupata

    Listen all. I happen to know this man for 5 years and I guarantee with my eyes closed that there can not be anything of that kind he would do,. If you look at the report, officially ” Detectives described the incident as “inappropriate touching,” Danielsen said ” . Therefore, there is a very big chance that the kid mislead the investigation in some way. We all understand that kids are all freaky about this kind of stuff. I’m not saying that nothing at all happened, but the furthest it could have gone, is “inappropriate touching! And just a side note, anytime you read or hear something and all o f a sudden become judges and juries, try to put yourself in his or anyone else’s shoes ( even if he’s a murderer ), it is called rational thinking , which I strongly believe most of you lack.

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