Storm interrupts postal service in Davidson County

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- Mail service was interrupted in Lexington on Thursday due to the winter storm.

While postal carriers arrived at work on Thursday morning ready to deliver the mail, the four large trucks that bring mail to the facilities were unable to get into town.

The only mail delivered Thursday was to customers who went to retail stores, although several closed at 12 p.m.

Officials are optimistic mail service will continue on Friday.


  • SAL

    What ever happened to: through rain and snow and cold weather won’t keep us from our rounds? Come on! No wonder the postal service is going under! You raise postage rates and then no mail. I don’t care if the weather is bad. They should ride a four-wheeler…I mean all the rednecks are doing it just fine.

    • Stephen Melton

      Your mail is fine..sitting in a BMC near you.
      Not sure if you have been out in this mess, but if you listen to your scanner, there are still EMS vehicles getting stuck on side streets and such. Lastnight it was a tow drivers dream..or nightmare…and you expect a semi to try to make it….lol
      The reason the USPS is going under, is no one uses them anymore…

      • Jeremy

        Totally wrong. The USPS has PLENTY of customers. It is going under because it has funded its retirees health funds for the next 75 years.

      • Stephen Melton

        Jeremy, actually, Ive got family that works for the service, and not as are partially correct, but the facts are that the service isnt used like it was.
        The posters you talk of getting junk mail and such are not ignorant, as many of us do not get anything as important as a time sensitive item in the mail…and most folks in the here and now use paperless billing and pay options. Letters? E-mail killed that.
        Lets see how they do if they go into banking like they are talking about…LOL…
        Oh…and I own a business, all of our “time sensitive documents” are sent via e-mail to our server, and printed in seconds, not days. Why would I wait days if its time sensitive?
        If I go back and look at the actual amount of postage I have spent in the last three years, Id bet its under $10….ignorant? Far from. Efficient.

  • SAL

    They should have to make up delivery on Sunday. If the schools make up days on Saturdays then I see no reason why the postal service can’t make up a day on Sunday.

    • JustMe

      Sal, it’ll be okay..Those bills, the junk mail and all those coupons will find you in a day or so, just be patient..And schools need to be open and operating on Saturdays anyway..

      • Jeremy

        Did you ever imagine some other people rely on usps to bring them time sensitive business related documents? Not everyone just gets junk mail and bills. You sound ignorant.

    • observer10

      If the schools didn’t have so many holidays, work days and the like, maybe Saturday makeup wouldn’t be necessary.

  • Amy Kepley

    I don’t think safety should override craziness for mail. To my mail carrier, thanks for all you do for us! Amy K

  • Laurette

    I’m wondering how many of you stayed home from work on these days? What is so important that you would put someone’s safety at risk? By the way to the I’ll informed person who thinks the postal service pays for retirees healthcare… wrong, I’m a retiree and I pay $400 a month for my health insurance.

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