Danica Patrick responds to criticism at Daytona 500 Media Day

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DAYTONA, Fla. -- Danica Patrick shrugged off criticism of her performance at the NASCAR Sprint Cup level on Thursday during Media Day.

Famed NASCAR driver Richard Petty recently said, when asked if Patrick could win, yes “if everybody else stayed home.”

Patrick said she is used to criticism and said "everybody is entitled to their own opinion."

Kevin Connolly reports.


  • joe

    Criticism: the expression of disapproval of someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes. I think Richard got it right.

  • joe

    Truth : the real facts about something : the things that are true. This would be a better description of what Richard said. GO KING!!

  • Dagney Taggert

    The King is right, she is a nice lady and very good but not NASCAR good, them lil funny open wheelers are easy to drive, and she had little success there. Nice rear.

    • Dagney Taggert

      How many more seasons does she need? By this point Gordan was winning so was Jr. I love her but she needs training. That new Grand Theft game is out.

  • Kafantaris

    Petty should not be tapping into the misogynist element of any sport.
    In fact, it’s time for him to stay home.

    • SAL

      Petty is nothing but a redneck! Yeah she may not win but he is just a washed up racer who won most of his races before there was any real competition. It didn’t take long for Petty Enterprises to go under because they couldn’t keep up with the big boys of the sport. I mean look at his son, he couldn’t win with Petty Enterprises he had to go elsewhere to win.

    • Will Grant

      Oh, brother…you say misogynist as if it were a bad thing, “Kafantaris”… fact is, providing honest criticism is not misogynistic just because the person being criticized happens to be female. People are sick and tired of having this novelty act shoved down their throats and essentially being told, “you HAVE to like her”

  • Frank

    REALLY? Dale Earnhardt was pretty good and how many races has Danica’s owner- the great but overrated Jr- won in the last 5 years? You think he’s had enough seat time or is he still settling in? Richard may be washed up but that doesn’t change truth.

    • SAL

      All the Petty’s do is run their mouths and fools in this area drop everything and listen. Richard should have gotten out of racing a long time ago. He had his time in the sun, now it’s time to move on. Kyle was never a good racer. Now all he does is show his a$$ almost every weekend on TV. The only thing Kyle has going for him is the fact that he is Richard’s kid. He would have never done anything with racing if it weren’t for that. Like Richard, Kyle needs to move on. His commentary about racing is old and boring. His son is dead get over it Kyle, stop wearing the 45 hat and quit referring to him every week. If Adam was still alive he would have been the Petty everyone would have talked about in the future. Adam was a better racer that Kyle and Richard combined. But since he’s dead we’ll never see that. The Petty’s need to shut their mouths and quit harassing Danica. In the end she will generate more income and more interest in the sport than the Petty’s ever did,

  • Will Grant

    All she has to do is win a race (ever) and then those saying she can’t win won’t be right.

    Of course, those of us who know she is just part of an agenda and that she can’t win, will remain right. Hope this helps.

  • b

    Really sally. Do you feel big now that you criticized the pettys and their dead family members. You sound like you were a david pearson fan back in the day. I guess bobby alllison and cal yarborugh were weak competitors. There’s only a few teams that are able to win races and champlonships in this racing era and only one that can do it consistantly lik richard petty and that’s johnson. I guess you can very well say that johnson has weak compitition.

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