7-year-old boy found dead in ‘accidental hanging’ in Winston-Salem

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A 7-year-old boy was found dead early Thursday in what authorities are calling an “accidental hanging.”

Police responded to a home on Ferrell Court in Winston-Salem around 1:04 a.m. after a report that a child had been found hanging and unresponsive.

Details of the accident have not been released.

The child, who was found by his parents, was pronounced dead at the scene.

An autopsy is pending.

No other information was provided. The investigation is ongoing.


      • Max

        He could’ve been playing and got hung up. He’s 7 im sure he wouldn’t had committed suicide … hanging himself ? You can’t think to deep into this type of situation. Kids play and a lot of times go to far with things. This must’ve been one of those times.

      • Paula Whitaker

        That’s what I was going to say Mary…kids can get into situations….I heard of a boy that was killed because he fell or jumped off a bunk bed and his pajama top got caught on the rail and strangled him…sad situations….prayers for the family to find peace

      • Brandy Hurt

        I’m so glad someone said this. I have five boys, ages 4, 5, 7,8, and 10. They don’t think about the possibility of whatever item they’re playing with could kill them. I have to keep the cords to all he miniblinds in the house tacked up high at the ceiling because of things like this. It’s a tragedy, I can’t imagine what the parents are going through… it could have been any parent.

  • Hanna

    you dont accidently hang yourself! He was prob getting bullied that seems to be happening more and more everyday because nobody is even trying to stop it..

  • Verna

    God Bless, my heart goes out to the parents and many prayer surround them in this awful accident. We all should join in prayer for strength and comfort for this family who just lost their precious child.

  • Ashlie Marie

    That is so sad. Prayers are going out to the family and friends. Accident or not its still sad. No family should ever walk in on something like. Stop fussing about and just pray for the family.

  • Briana Searcy

    Now I just wanted to say thnx to eveyone for there comments and prayes thnx god has tooken my lil cuz kiylan on to heaven and to his mother my big cuzzin I love you and we pray and we as a family will be here for anything you need……..

  • deborah

    please let this little angel and family be with God in peace.it;s not our place to judge others especially at time or any other time.children do so many things and not realize its dangerous and it happens so quick thats why we call them children like we were at one time or another.pray for this and if not keep your negative comments to yourself.i dont know them but i know that they need all prayers and not the blame game.i pray for them to get through this and know the God is able ,he can an will .

  • Amanda

    I cannot believe some of the comments being made, I don’t understand why you just cannot send your condolences to the parents…. instead you have to speculate about something that you have no idea about…you are not the detective….The doctor. …nor the coroner…just send a word of prayer that is all…stop guessing about other people’s misfortune and heartache…The truth will come out with or without u r speculation….

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