110 dogs exposed after shelter destroyed by snow, ice

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SOUTH CAROLINA — Heavy snow and rain caused major damage at a dog rescue in South Carolina Wednesday.

Richardson Rescue in York houses 110 dogs.

According to WSOC, the snow and rain destroyed the shelter that contains the dogs, exposing them to the elements.

The shelter has reached out the ASPCA.

Many of the shelter’s employees can’t make it out because of all the snow.

The owner said that giving dogs to other shelters is the last resort.

Source: WSOC


  • JustMe

    Why would be giving the dogs to other shelters be a last resort? Is it not a temporary fix? And by the looks in the photo, perhaps invest in pressure treated lumber..Remember the three little pigs?

    • Penny

      By other shelters they may be shelters that put down. All that work to save them only to go to a kill shelter. Would be good to go to another rescue but unfortunately most all of them are full. I hope they can help these poor souls.

    • Angela

      There are updates on their Facebook page. Anyone wishing to donate can use the button on that page or on their website. Their address is posted there as well for anyone wishing to mail a check. I was also glad to have read on their page that the dog houses are heated at this facility. I live about an hour from there and it has been COLD.

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