Town of Dobson declares State of Emergency, issues curfew on travel

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DOBSON, N.C. — The Town of Dobson declared a State of Emergency and issued a curfew for vehicular transportation due to winter weather Wednesday evening.

According to town officials, “No person shall travel upon any street, alley, or roadway or upon any other public property, except by those in search of medical assistance, food or other commodity or service necessary to sustain the well-being of themselves or their families or some member thereof, by means of vehicular transportation.”

The curfew went into effect at 6 p.m.

According to the town, the following were exempted from the cerfew:

Law enforcement officers; firefighters and other public employees; doctors, nurses, employees of hospitals and other medical facilities; on-duty military personnel, whether state or federal; on-duty employees of public utilities, public transportation companies and newspaper, magazine, radio broadcasting and television broadcasting corporations operated for profit; and such other classes of persons as may be essential to the preservation of public order and immediately necessary to serve the safety, health and welfare needs of the people within the town.


  • Johnny Martin

    No matter what Dobson or any other NC city tries to enforce These teens on up with 4 wheel drive trucks think they are bulletproof on the roads For example my stupid twenty something neighbor he has no reason to be out but he wants to play with his brothers truck he borrowed out on our icy snowy roads A night like this only someone intoxicated or high on drugs of choice would vehicle play in the snow!!!

  • FaithC

    The same here. I have seen the same 4 pickup trucks driving around for the past 3 hours. Just driving around. I know they are owned by kids. I guess they think it is a big thrill to ride around in the snow.

  • keith shaw

    What ever happened to America? Who cares if people go out and drive in the snow, what concern is it of yours.

  • Cliff LaForce

    When a town declares a emergency and says stay off the road and you get out playing around and get stuck blocking the road and the Fire or EMT can not pass because of it and someone dies you can and will be sued in civil court because
    you are the reason!!!

    • keith shaw

      Hey Cliff why don’t you and people like you move to a communist country. I guess you think the constitution can legally be suspended also.

    • Stephen Melton

      I guess you didnt listen to your scanner and hear about several folks “out playing” as you put it, pulling EMS vehicles out of jams for the past three days….
      Who do they sue when the weather has over hour, or longer wait times for EMS because they simply cant get there?
      Heard a few Code 44s over the past couple of nights…who those families gonna sue?
      Sheesh..the answer for everything, let the gov control you and sue everyone for anything…
      Cliff…Id say with your attitude, YOU are the problem.

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