Superman, Darth Vader witness man smashing windows of cop car in L.A.

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LOS ANGELES -- A man was taken into custody Tuesday afternoon after smashing the windows of an LAPD car at one of the busiest intersections in Hollywood.

The incident was caught on video.

KTLA photographer Victor Vargas said he was out shooting video when he heard a loud noise and saw a man smashing in the windows of a clearly marked police car.

He said the man yelled, "I love Jesus Christ! And continued to smash the car.

While Vargas called 911, he continued to film the crime in progress.

Meanwhile, an actor dressed as Darth Vader watched the excitement.

After busting out the windows of the cruiser, the man grabbed a laptop and walked over to a kiosk to check out what he had just swiped.

That's when he noticed the camera.

"He looked over at me and that's when I got nervous," Vargas said.

Fortunately for Vargas, the man was taken down by police.

An actor dressed as Superman watched the arrest with intent.

When Vargas asked Superman why he didn't stop the crime in progress, he said "it's not my job to jump in the middle."


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