State regulators to assemble coal ash pond task force

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RALEIGH, N.C. — The State Department of Environment and Natural Resources announced it will create a coal ash pond task force to review all facilities in North Carolina.

The announcement comes after last week’s massive spill in the Dan River. Officials said the new task force will work to prevent any further spills.

The Environmental Protection Agency also said Tuesday that it will share the results from water samples taken from the river.

There is a settlement in place with Duke Energy over the spill, but now it’s on hold until an investigation is complete.

Gov. Pat McCrory said during a news conference Tuesday morning that he wants to learn more about the spill before making too many decisions.

Officials said they are doing everything they can to get it cleaned up.


  • Jacqui Hawkins

    McCrory wants to “learn more” before he makes too many decisions? Well, while he’s learning, how many people will have their health affected and how does he compensate for that? How about act first, learn more and the react accordingly??

  • barbara

    He is not what we need.He will not go against Duke Power they pay him remember he’s on the board.He will rule that DP customers pay for this because they knew of the leak.I for one hate DP and am not fond of McCrory.He ruined someone is giving him freedom to ruin this state

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