Hobby Lobby asks for Obamacare contraception exemption

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Hobby Lobby is asking the Supreme Court to be exempt from an Affordable Care Act mandate.

The requirement forces certain for-profit corporations to provide contraceptive products.

The owners of Hobby Lobby liken drugs such as “the morning after pill” to abortion, which violates their faith.

However, they are not opposed to other forms of contraception, such as condoms.

Churches and houses of worship are currently the only groups exempt from the contraception mandate.

Source: CNN


  • FaithC

    As much as I feel things like the “morning after pill” should be available to all, I also feel that the owners of Hobby Lobby have the right to their religious beliefs. It is not like they popped up yesterday and said, “We don’t believe in that”. They have always made it clear they are a Christian based company and what their stand was on issues. I do not feel the government has the right to tell them they have to provide insurance coverage for things they do not believe in.
    If you do not like the way they run their company, don’t work for them. There are companies I would never work for because of their stand on issues, Hobby Lobby being one of them.

    • old codger

      That’s exactly why I would work for them. Here’s a company that is standing up for its rights under the constitution. They are not bowing down to a law that IS criminal and unconstitutional, by forcing Americans to purchase a commodity that gives little or no benefit to some of us. I am almost seventy why do I have to have an insurance policy that includes birth control? So it will lower the cost for women who don’t no the word abstinence. Doesn’t that sound like redistribution of wealth to anyone else? God be with you Hobby Lobby.

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