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Suspicious man reported in two Piedmont counties

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- Women in Davidson and Forsyth counties are spreading the word about an uncomfortable situation they experienced last Saturday after they were approached by a suspicious man.

A woman who did not want to identify herself told FOX8 in an interview she and two other friends left a store in Arcadia and noticed a man in a white Sequoia SUV in the parking lot.

"He was there for a couple of hours," the woman remembered.

She said after the first two women left, the man started gesturing and yelling at the third woman for help.

"She cracked the window to ask him is everything okay. He told her, 'my battery is dead, I need a jump.' She said, 'I don't have jumper cables.' He said 'Oh I do.'"

At that point the woman rolled up her window and called one of her friends who had just left.

She came back as quickly as possibly because she said the whole story didn't add up. There was an auto parts store across the street and the man didn't attempt to stop anyone until the third woman was alone in the parking lot.

The two women say it took the man only a few seconds to jump his car and at one point he took tools out and opened his trunk.

"He had boxes and crates," she described. "White rope, like a bundle of it, he had duct tape, I saw gloves." She said the whole situation felt uncomfortable.

According to the Davidson County Sheriff's Office, at least two deputies talked to the man that night. They had no evidence he was breaking the law and said there's not much they can do.

The suspicious man reportedly approached another woman outside the Walmart Express in Midway.

Winston-Salem police officers also talked to the man in their jurisdiction at some point in the last week, according to Davidson County Sheriff's officials, but so far none of the interactions resulted in charges.

The Forsyth County Sheriff's Office and Kernersville Police Department confirmed they were aware of the man but have not had any direct contact with him. They did alert officers about the suspicious situations today.

Investigators said if you are approached by someone who makes you uncomfortable, do not stop or engage in conversation. Drive off or walk away, and call 9-1-1 if you want to report it.

"I want people to stay safe. I want people to know watch out for this guy," said the woman we interviewed. "I don't know his intentions at this point, but it seemed as if his intentions are not very good."

She is sharing her story online and posting flyers.

Investigators said the safest bet is to follow your gut instincts whenever interacting with strangers.


  • john

    The police should put an attractive female officer undercover out when they get a report of the area he’s n to bate him in. they do it all the time with undercover hookers and drug dealers. Thats just my 2 cents b4 someone gets hurt.

  • Gloria S.

    Here are some, I hope, helpful tips, some of which have already been stated above:

    1. Always, when possible back into or pull through a space, so if someone does try to block you, you can push them out of the way easier going forward than backing out. Some damage to your car is better than possibly being kidnapped and killed.

    2. If a man is truly having car troubles, he is NOT going to ask a lady to help him. NEVER try to assist someone alone, ladies. Offer to drive away and call someone for help, but do not try to assist someone like this. Some of you may be too young to remember, but THIS IS THE EXACT METHOD THAT TED BUNDY USED TO LURE WOMEN AND THEN KILL THEM.

    3. Always be aware of your surroundings and what is going on around you. Try not to be distracted by your cell phone or anything else. Keep your head up and if possible, both hands free. Walk quickly to and from your car. If someone suspicious is standing nearby, either do not get out of your car or turn and go back into the business you just left.

    4 If you think someone is following you, go to the nearest police or fire station that you know is occupied 24/7 and lay on the horn until someone comes out. DO NOT GO HOME or to a friend’s or families’ house.

    5 Use common sense. If businesses are open, most people would go in and ask for help from them, IE, use of phone, a male employee to come jump their car, etc. This is highly suspicious behavior and caution is warranted.

  • Rachel Mae

    Wow…what a freakin creep!!! I hope that this creep hasn’t harmed anyone. And I can’t believe that Jason and Josh are making out like this creep hasn’t done anything wrong. Maybe…just maybe… he is the creep! I hope I don’t run into him! Stay safe doesn’t hurt to carry pepper spray or something to help protect you.

  • NC 'om

    Remember you have the alarm on your car remote. I have heard that yelling “Fire” gets help, too. Everyone, stay safe!

  • Kathleen N Hurley

    Another thing you are not thinking of, but when you ask someone on here to “private message” you, how do you know he or she is not the person doing these things? Don’t just private message someone because they have a so-called “safe” name….

  • Mr. Bill

    One would think at least one of the multitudes who allegedly observed this individual would have called the police. I supose it wouldn’t be as titillating

  • Joe B

    This is a witch hunt now. Cyber bullying. You can’t put peoples names on a website. It’s harassment. What if you have the wrong guy! I have asked for a jump and didn’t have the money for repair. Yes I too carry ropes and tools in a car, without any ill intent. Most people do! Get a grip and get a life!

  • joe blow

    I think this man stalked my mom in Lexington on Jan 11. He watched her outside her house in the rain at 6am and then drove away. When she left home, he came out of nowhere and followed her through many neighborhood turns until she pulled in a neighbor’s driveway. She filed a police report on the SUV. She spoke to her neighbors and he is frequently seen in the neighborhood watching children!!!

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