‘The Biggest Loser’ fans concerned as some say winner appears ‘too thin’

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Rachel Frederickson, 24, of Los Angeles won Season 15 of The Biggest Loser and a $250,000 prize on Tuesday after she lost 155 pounds and over 59 percent of her body weight.

The former competitive swimmer, who once weighed 260 pounds, slimmed down to 105 pounds for the big reveal, prompting some to question whether she lost “too much weight.” According to reports, Rachel went from a size 20 to a size 0/2.

Rachel on the live finale of ‘The Biggest Loser’ (NBC)

Others disagreed, saying Frederickson was “in it to win” the competition, and could put weight back on after the competition ended.

Also the winner of “The Biggest Loser” triathlon, Frederickson came on the show with a heartbreaking backstory.

As a former competitive high school swimmer, she gave up a full college scholarship to follow her boyfriend to Europe.

When that relationship ended, she returned home and turned to food as comfort.

On Wednesday, Frederickson told TODAY she’s healthy and does not plan on dropping any more weight.

“I’m at the maintenance point now so I need to find some balance and make sure I work out and I eat healthy and make good choices 90 percent of the time,” she said.

“I’m not sure (I’ll maintain this weight), but I plan to try new exercises and just continue on this path and see where that takes me.”

According to TODAY, NBC declined to comment about concerns over Frederickson’s health.


  • Tim

    She definitely lost to much weight and I am sure all that excess fat is hidden in that waist band all the contestants wear when they lose all that weight to not have all that skin hanging down like meat hooks….She cannot be healthy looking that way at all. Not to mention she looks like she has aged 20 years!!!! Goes to show you that not only are you losing weight, but your adding years to your face!

  • Wendy

    Too skinny; lost her muscle tone; I don’t know why she thinks this is better than the Rachel on the last episode. She needs to gain about 15 pounds back.

  • Jimbro

    How do you know this isn’t her natural body composition? She was a competitive swimmer so her metabolism may have skyrocketed with the increase in excersise. Not to mention it said she won the triathlon so she has some sort of decent health going on. I haven’t seen the show, ever, but I think she looks good.

    Haters gonna hate.

  • Cay Vin

    If you watched the reactions of the coaches and her fellow competitors when she first came out, their faces tell it all. They weren’t “wowed” – they were shocked! I can’t believe Biggest Loser would condone this weight loss.

  • Kenny Hicks

    Good god people. Some people are never happy. Leave the woman alone and appreciate the fact that at least she accomplished her goal, which is more than can be said for most of the people here taking the time to complain about it.

  • sandra

    She lost the weight to win, an she even said she would not maintain that wieght but stay healthy. She won so she accomplished her goal. People do crazy things for money. I say congratulations to her! She’s $250,000 richer now!

  • JT

    In a culture where an overwhelming number of people look like her in the “before” picture, OF COURSE they are going to say she doesn’t look healthy. She doesn’t weigh 600 lbs, doesn’t have fallen arches, doesn’t have type 2 diabetes, doesn’t consider bacon grease to be one of the 4 basic food groups, her heart isn’t the size of a canned ham, and she doesn’t need one of the little carts that go “beep! beep!” anymore to get around the grocery store. Oh my God, she’s too skinny!

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