Enthusiastic kid reacts to getting 1 YouTube like, 45 Twitter followers

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Meet “Sir Fedora.” His incredibly enthusiastic reactions to one like on YouTube and 45 Twitter followers has made him a viral hit online.

Reddit user dragonboltz posted a link to his first video, which shows “Sir Fedora” (or C. Jackson) reacting to getting one like on his first-ever YouTube video.

In the video titled “Wat Da (Bleep) Happened,” he is exploding with joy over the one like on YouTube.

“Hey YouTube, I didn’t see you there… oh wait I did,” he says. “We did it! We hit the one like! I know you guys are gonna be like ‘Dude it’s just one like’ but it’s still awesome to know you guys are there … even though you’re not there you’re there!”

The video now has over 55,000 likes.

His next video (at the end of this post) shows Sir Fedora reacting to getting 45 followers on Twitter.

“I woke up after a good night’s rest to find I have 45 frickin’ followers on Twitter! So, I’m just putting this one out there. If you can tell me in the comments section… what happened?” he says.

He now has over 5,400.

He went on to rant about YouTube and Twitter links before again thanking all of his new followers.

At this point, it appears “Sir Fedora” is just an enthusiastic, awesome kid that is having the best couple days of his life. We shall see if there’s a company or marketing team behind this latest “viral” hit.

Here’s the original thread on Reddit. You can subscribe to Sir Fedora’s YouTube channel or follow him on Twitter at @SirFedora.


  • respect

    gee i wonder whats wrong with this old codger. he sees a happy and grateful kid responding to something he never thought would happen to him. and old codger has to say some negative and hurtful word about him. maybe old codger should go back to preschool and learn respect for other people and maybe some manners.

    • old codger

      Hey dummy they didn’t have preschool when I was a kid but we all had jobs by the time we were14 what was the diabetes rate back then compared to now. We worked and played sports and were involved in our communities. We were all going to church and self indulgent behavior was a sin. You had to earn a trophy, and you didn’t put everything you did on Facebook because it was what you were supposed to do. I’m almost seventy years old and I still outside most of the kid’s ay the Wal- mart where I work. Instead you little liberals instead of working are to busy playing on your cell phones. You don’t take the time to learn your jobs and you call in sick every time you think it might rain. Both of my children are successful and their children are successful, but you’re lauding a little fat kid who should be out mowing a lawn. My generation was concerned about our country not about how many his we had look you tube. Is that wrong ? No I don’t think it is. Why isn’t this kid doing something productive and why aren’t his parents making sure he does something productive. Instead however is easier to let the kid believe that he’s gonna be some star but what are the chances of that?

      • Mr. Papageorgio

        Amen brother! You said it all. Kids and for that matter adults like him are exactly what’s wrong with this country. So excited for NOTHING! Get off the computer and do something USEFUL…looks like he could use a little exercise too. Get OUTSIDE AND DO SOMETHING PHYSICAL! Kids need to get some fulfillment from doing something real like joining a team or a club and have accomplishments that mean something. But, in this country now all you have to do is act like a fool on a video and you gain notoriety and fame, and the media fuels this nonsense!

      • respect

        hey im sorry to break it to you but this isn’t your day and age anymore pal. seems to me like you’re living in the past. just because you did something doesnt mean its how its going to be forever. you need to learn how to adapt and quit spewing “well back in MY day..” because no one gives a shit.

      • respect

        also. something you didn’t know is that you can make a living off of youtube. plus this little dude here is like 10, and im sure he does mow his lawn and hes into archery and im sure he gets good grades, in fact you’re just talking because you’re jaded because you had it tougher? isn’t that what your parents plans were all along? work harder to leave a better life for your kids? in fact you have no idea who he is and you’re being pretty judgmental. the way i see it is his parents taught his something good, hes being appreciative, for something that he likes to do make videos for video games and things that he does in his life.

  • Gordon Ingram

    STUPID. This poor child should be outside, playing or doing something constructive. Too many kids being hypnotized by pixels, minecraft and facebook!!! Play with toys or build something, go hunt or fish! In years to come, you’ll need to SURVIVE and not know how because you can’t plug something in!

  • Andrew Harrison

    Everyone preaching about how this kid “should go outside” and ranting on how he’s an example of what’s wrong with this country should be ashamed. I’m relatively young (20 years old), and I’m an aspiring filmmaker/videographer. When I was his age, Youtube was rising to its mega-video sharing name that it is now, and it provided a creative outlet for kids like me to share our content with the ambition of taking the next step. Besides, anyone whose been playing close enough attention to this story would know he’s just doing it as a hobby. Not once has he espoused his goal of making money or becoming super famous, and it just so happens people on one side of the internet decided to make this kid happy. How do you guys even know that he doesn’t have hobbies outside of Youtube? You don’t! So stop being so cynical and cherish the fact that this kids dreams are coming true. The world is changing, and the internet is a big part of that with this upcoming generation that was born into a world where the internet has always existed. How is it his fault that he doesn’t know any better? I, for one, am truly happy for this kid because he’s pursuing something I couldn’t even fathom at that point in my video-making career. Not everyone wants to be an athlete or class president. Some people, as myself, just to want to express themselves creatively through video, and I don’t see how that amounts to him acting like a fool. In fact, he’s just acting like a kid. All of you bashing him need to take a step back and micro-analyze why you’re insulting a middle-aged kid for being excited about something that was bestowed upon him unexpectedly. And gaining +15,000 subscribers on YouTube overnight is an accomplishment that millions have failed at attempting. In this internet age, that IS something to be proud of. Grow up, haters.

    • Mr. Papageorgio

      Andrew, you just reaffirmed our point. “Hater”…come on, all your generation does is complain about people being mean and hating others. GROW UP! You sound like a little 5 year old who got his wittle feewings hurt. You are correct though in one point that the internet is growing and it actually gives unproductive people of your generation some psudo-sense of accomplishment that you can never achieve in the non-fantasy world. He doesn’t know any better because his parents are either not there to encourage him to do something real or they are like you and think life should be lived in fantasy land.

      • Andrew Harrison

        The fact that you’re sitting in front of your computer and justifying yourself for insulting a little kid you don’t even know speaks for itself. Your entire argument is full of name calling and ad hominems. Your argument appeals more to personal feelings rather actual intellect. You say that I have my feelings hurt, but as soon as you get a hold of the computer, out come the name-calling and insults. For someone who is so much “wiser” and holds so much “wisdom”, your abrasiveness shows a lot of ignorance. To expect that time and society stand still, and for future generations to follow into your path based on your personal experience of the world is not only unrealistic, but down right asinine. It’s funny how quickly you insult the internet when it’s deemed one of the greatest human inventions in the world seeming how it connects the world through socialization and creative outlets. Not to mention that you are currently using it, and probably use it from a day to day basis whether it be personal whims or work-related. Maybe your premise would be true if only young people used it, but everyone in the world uses it; old or young. I mean, if we really want to use generalizations here, we can play that game.

        Your generation are the ones who are currently the ones in control of government and fucking over this current generation down a path of an inflated currency, a broken economy, a poor excuse of a job market, and a water downed education system. Your generation are the ones who are willing to sell your children’s future out right from under them for your precious social security and retirement paychecks. Your generation insults ours for instant-gratification but can’t wait at a table for several minutes before complaining to the restaurant. Your generation are nothing but a bunch of war-mongering, kooked up, narrow-minded people who feel like they have such a better grasp on the world because there wasn’t so much technology around. Not to mention, your grammar is absolutely horrible. Were you not in class that day? Or has it been that long since you’ve had a proper education and loss track of the ins-and-outs of the English language.

        But you see, doesn’t that whole entire argument seem false, generalized, and nonsensical? Maybe because it is, and it holds no ground when having a rational conversation. So let’s stay away from that. I mean, what do you expect? For time to stand still and technological advances to be at a stand-still for the sake of your own personal life experience? Give me a break, it’s just an easy straw-man of an argument for your generation to toss the blame on ours, and it isn’t even genuine or original. You’ve been hearing the rest of your peers saying that for years, it sounds good, and you hop on the bandwagon. You wouldn’t be able to actually pull any data or facts supporting your claim because it’s extremely subjective. The fact that your saying it is okay to be mean and hurtful towards others, let alone a little kid, is pretty astounding and immature. Weren’t you ever taught: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.” In case you are a parent, I hope for that sake you follow the golden rule and encourage your kids to do the same. I rest my case.

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