88-year-old rejects plea deal, will go to trial for girlfriend’s murder

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Charles Edwin Venn, 88, of Gastonia

GASTONIA, N.C. — An 88-year-old Gastonia man will go to trial in his girlfriend’s murder after he turned down a plea deal Tuesday.

Charles Venn pleaded not guilty to murdering Vivian Schronce last Mother’s Day.

Venn could have pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, but rejected the deal Tuesday in court.

Venn admitted he shot Schronce, but said it was an accident.


  • old codger

    He’s 88 it’s not like life in jail or the death penalty will mean a whole lot to him. Why are they even taking this to trial just keep him in jail and keep losing paperwork, save the ta.xpayer’s some money

      • WeBuiltThisCountry

        Chucky, you are contradicting yourself because when the felon from Raleigh got caught robbing people you said “he shouldn’t waste taste funds.”Eithier your bias on color or your too dumb to keep a single opinion.

  • Frank

    Accidents happen when there is gun laying around. Mine went off when cleaning it. Just did not check it good enough with the tv on , the computer on, and the dog jumping all over me at the same time, just how it goes. I have seen police officers fire guns off while cleaning them and they been cops for years. And anytime someone gets hurt , even if it is an accident, they will run it through the court system regardless and try to put charges against anyone for what happened, how our great system works in this country. I hope he has plenty of money now for an attorney. That is what it takes, money, it is all in the money and everyone knows this.

    • Clint Lowe

      Agreed; accidents happen. I remember hearing about one of the cops in my small town of Liberty, NC practicing his ‘quick-draw’ and accidentally shooting the television in the police dept. That was many years ago (Barney Fife all over); hey, s&!t happens. Either way, no matter how old the guy is, be deserves a fair trial, just like anyone else. And yeah, his childrens’ inheritance will be spent on this trial!

  • WeBuiltThisCountry

    That’s what my issue is with some gun handlers, accidents are described as actions with different outcome.”How and the hell do you tell your child that shooting somebody is an accident. Minorities go to prison and get deported everyday for possession of a firearm. Punishment needs to be harsh for permit holders that comment “accidents.”Stolen firearm, mistaking discharge and any one other than the owner in poss.

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