Trader Joe’s confirms interest in Friendly Avenue area

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Trader Joe's Winston-Salem (WGHP)

GREENSBORO, N.C. — California-based Trader Joe’s confirmed today they are interested in the Friendly Avenue area corridor as a potential location for a new store.

Alison Mochizuki, director of public relations for Trader Joe’s, said that the California-based gourmet grocery is interested in Greensboro.

“We are interested in the Friendly area corridor,” Mochizuki said in an e-mail to FOX8.

A likely location Trader Joe’s may be considering at is the 6.77-acre parcel on the northwest corner of the intersection of Friendly Avenue and Hobbs Road.

The request for rezoning, submitted by CAP development out of Greenville, S.C., asks that the parcel be rezoned from residential to conditional commercial zoning.

The rezoning request has been controversial with community members. Many oppose it and some have even protested against it.

The rezoning request will be heard by the Greensboro Zoning Commission on Feb. 10. If approved, it will move on to the Greensboro City Council for final approval.


  • Anonymous

    Why dont they conisder the parcel of land located on the corner of Hobbs and Northline that is currently vacant? Its just north of the location described in this story and adjacent to the Friendly Center. I understand that area is being considered for an apartment complex, but I dont get why it wouldn’t be a perfect spot for commercial zoning.

  • melane

    I sure hope it goes through. so many of us spend too much time/gas driving to chapel hill or Winston to shop there.

  • Katei Cranford

    Greensboro is sprawling with too many shopping centers. Extending Friendly Center is a mistake we can’t afford.

    I would love for Trader Joe’s to come to GSO, but they MUST go into an existing location.

    IE, the old Fresh Market spot in Quaker Village.

    Located only 3.5 miles west of Friendly Center, Quaker Village has been in need of a grocer-anchor since the Fresh Market built a new store on New Garden Rd.

    The size is comperable to other Trader Joe’s stores. The location is desirable, and there is a spot which needs filling.

    Things to consider:

    Quaker Village is home to several gems in Greensboro dining gems: El Azteca, Elizabeth’s Pizza, Chinese Kitchen. There’s a starbucks (I enjoy coffee shops and grocers in the same strip) AND a college right across the street.

    It’s an ideal spot. “CAP Development” will tell you differently, but that’s because they’re in the business of building strip malls, not the betterment of Greensboro.

    The Fresh Market didn’t leave becuase it was a bad location. They went nationwide in 2007 and built new, much-larger, stores to accompany the increase in products they carried.

    They simply outgrew the space.

    Trader Joe’s carries about the same amount of product as the old Fresh Market.

    Please, people of Greensboro. Let’s make our spaces better–instead of simply building more space.

    See you on February 10th.

    • laffinatcha

      Katie Cranford, Wal-Mart is coming to Quaker Village with their new “neighborhood” store concept. ,

      • Katei

        Although far from ideal, at least something is going into that spot.

        Which brings me to suggestion #2: W. Market street.

        In the old “Jan’s house” shopping center at Market & United.

        Or #3: the old Harris teeter at N. Elm & Cornwallis.

        …this city is thick with empty shopping centers. A Trader Joe’s in Greensboro would be great.

        Another shopping center, however, would be awful.

    • Steve A

      I understand why immediate neighbors oppose the rezoning, but don’t try to convince anyone that Quaker Village is even a remote possibility. Have you walked the place lately. It’s over half empty, and there’s a reason for that. Same outcome, different reason for Hobbs and Northline. Compare the traffic flow there and at Friendly & Hobbs. West Market? Ya’ Gotta be Kiddin! Trader Joe’s does their homework. They’ll go where affluent consumers shop or they won’t come at all. Here’s the reality folks: The property in question WILL eventually go commercial. Be careful what you wish for. If opposition is successful this time, who knows what will move in 2 or 5 or 10 years down the road. Can anyone say McDonald’s??

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