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“What do you need to win the Medal of Honor?” a young man once asked Ty Carter. “Does it mean you are the best of the best?”

“That’s part of it,” Carter replied.

“That must be cool,” said the young man. “I’d like to receive that, some day.”

“Before you’re so sure,” responded Carter, “Here’s what it means. How many friends to you have with you, here, today?”

“About a dozen,” the young man told him.

“Well, imagine you’d have to give up 8 of them – they would have to die for you to receive the Medal of Honor,” said Carter. “Are you sure you still want it?”

But, Carter says, we are all capable of doing what he did on Oct. 3, 2009, for which he received America’s highest military honor.

Carter wasn’t sure where his life was going after he spent four years in the Marine Corps and was honorably discharged in 2002. He re-upped – this time, with the Army – four years later but had no idea what combat was like when he and his unit were sent to Afghanistan in 2009.

That morning began like most of the more than 100 mornings Ty Carter woke to in Afghanistan. But it ended like no other. He was in Greensboro, recently, to talk to a group of Boy Scouts and tell them how the things they are learning in scouting, today are the beginnings of what they’ll need to know to save their lives in a firefight with the most determined of America’s enemies.

Hear what Sgt. Carter has to say in this edition of the Buckley Report.



    You DO NOT “WIN” the Medal of Honor..the Medal is AWARDED to the recipient. It’s not some type of CONTEST to see who is BETTER than the other. I had the honor of meeting FOUR recipients of the Medal of Honor during my Military career, and each man said that the award belongs but not to ONE MAN, but to EACH OF HIS COMRADES who were lost during the battle.

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