Surry Co. woman claims she has seen heaven, talked to Jesus

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What would make you believe in life after death? Would you have to see it, to believe it?

What if someone else saw "the other side" and told you about it?

In this edition of the Buckley Report, you will hear from two who say they saw heaven after being clinically dead and from a medical doctor who was once very skeptical of near death experiences, but now thinks they are real.

For contact information to share a near death experience with Dr. Michael Minotti of Northwest Ear Nose and Throat in Elkin, visit


  • Mark Loudermelt

    I want someone to give me a polygraph to know for sure I really done this: Please help me know for sure !!!!!!!

  • Mark Loudermelt

    I will never have peace until I can have some type of closer to this, it has really bugged me for years, I just need to know what happened if that is all possible !!!!

    • Cristina

      I may be able to help. Though I am not exactly certain what your specific question is. I am Dr. Minotti’s daughter and the cases that he reviews are of individuals that have had a verifiable clinical death with an NDE. While many of the cases he has reviewed are of individuals that have had wonderful, positive experiences, this video does not mention the hellish NDEs that some individuals have had, who were not Christians, but the experience was so powerful that it changed their lives forever. One man who was an atheist professor became a pastor. Another man that my father had as a patient became a Christian after the incident. (It would seem very odd that left over dopamine in the brain, which is a neurotransmitter that stimulates the pleasure center in the brain, would precipitate these NDEs, as the end of the commentary suggested, when extremely negative experiences also occur. There is also physical evidence that strongly supports the existence of these NDEs. There are documented cases of individuals, with no medical background, who were able to describe events that occurred while they were dead in their hospital room in great detail. In one such case, a woman who had been blind her whole life, was able to describe these events. There have been cases when revived individuals have told hospital staff that he or she saw something very strange and specific on the roof of a hospital (ei. a red shoe, a blue shoe, and an umbrella), and that specific item was found on the roof of the hospital by the staff. People who experience these NDEs say that the experience was nothing like a dream and that his or her senses were more heightened and the experience seemed more real than being alive on earth. There is so much to tell, but I hope that helped to answer your questions. These cases that my father has presented have really helped me personally to put life into perspective. If you talked to my Dad, he would tell you that there were four very important themes repeatedly described by those individuals who claimed to see Jesus: love your neighbor, love God, forgive your fellow man, and know that everyone has a very specific, immensely important purpose in this life!

      • hollandshoaf

        I wrote Dr Minotti’s office and shared my work on the biblical perspective of NDE’s but none of the staff have even acknowledged I sent it to them. Maybe its because they don’t believe in the bible but would rather believe in something contrary to it ?

  • rican

    thats it this horrible world we live in and jesus repeats himself the holocaust i would of brought up poverety when your REALLY dead your DEAD IT WONT MAKE FOX 8

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