Advocates push to stop euthanasia of animals by gas chamber in Randolph Co.

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. -- Animal advocates from Randolph County and across the Piedmont took their message of change to the Randolph County Commissioners Monday night.

Sandy Tuttle was at the meeting. She hopes county commissioners will stop the Randolph County Animal Shelter from using carbon monoxide gas to euthanize unwanted pets.

"It's very painful. It's torture and they shouldn't be doing it," she said.

Randolph County Public Health Director MiMi Cooper says the county uses euthanasia by injection and gas.

Carbon monoxide gas is used when the animal could be a danger to shelter employees. Randy Orloff, another animal supporter, says other shelters in North Carolina have found a way to euthanize dangerous animals without using the gas chamber.

"They have learned to do it safely,” he said. “There are long poles they can use to handle feral cats and wild animals and ways they can euthanize without using a gas chamber at all.”

Cooper says carbon monoxide gas is an approved method of euthanasia and will continue to be an option for shelter employees.


  • Terri Dyer

    Cooper is a moron and animal torturer if he condones and continues using the gas chamber. It is not only torture for the animals but dangerous for humans using it. Time to get out of the dark ages Randolph County. What a disgrace!

    • true dog luva

      she is not only a hypocrite, but a flat our liar, the AVM does not condone gassing for shelter animals!!

      2013 AVMA Position Statement on the use of Gas Chambers in Animal Shelters or Animal Control Situations-
      In the 2013 Guidelines, euthanasia by intravenous injection of an approved euthanasia agent remains the preferred method for euthanasia of dogs, cats, and other small companion animals. Gas chambers are not recommended for routine euthanasia of cats and dogs in shelters and animal control operations. The guidelines state that “alternate methods with fewer conditions and disadvantages are recommended for companion animals where feasible.”

    • Ladyhawk21

      he is actually a she! but there are was to use injection on dangerous animals- it is called a pill in their food to help them relax and sleep- then the lethal injection can be preformed safely- i think she enjoys hearing the dogs crying and fighting each other to get out

  • Bruce

    Mimi Cooper is a hypcrite in every sense of the word. She doesn’t care about the animals at the shelter…she shouldn’t be allowed to lead a parade of one car.

  • tina

    people get charged with animal cruelty all the time. this method is cruel, why is it legal to put animals in a dumpster by the dozen at a time and poison them them gas? just putting them in a dumpster by the dozens, on top of each other is cruel in itself.

  • Mary J. & Bill Loggi'o

    7 protesters there, I counted. Are they in favor of another form of euthanasia? What would be less “cruel”. I know that lethal injection is also used in some places, is that what they want? Lots of hot air but no ideas these Animals first People second crowd.

    • Ladyhawk21

      There were a lot more than 7 there: by they time the film crew did the story most everyone was inside speaking with the commissioners: the injection is more humane to the animals and is safer for the staff: in the gas chamber up to 10 dogs are placed inside, the gas is turned on and the animals start fighting each other to get out, their eyes start burning – organs shut down and they are conscious during this; it takes up to 45 mins for them to die, if they dont die the 1st time they are taken out with the dead animals and then placed back in to go through that again. so the last hour of their life is spent in terror. so no we are not full of hot air! we have ideas but stopping the gas chamber is not going to fix the main problem- it start with spay neuter programs to reduce the over population. Stopping back yard breeder and puppy mills

  • Diane Purcell

    There is NO reason whatsoever to use gas to euthanize animals – not when there is a more humane alternative. It’s called heartless and too lazy to deal with one animal a time! Then mentality of just throwing a group of dogs in a gas chamber together makes me cringe! Ideally, we wouldn’t have to euthanize at all – the LEAST they can do is make it as quick and painless as possible for these poor animals!

  • Phyllis Peddycord

    The human race has got to be one of the most cruel on the planet. This is downright animal abuse. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a very painful way to go. I wouldn’t wish that abuse on any human and/or animal.

  • Doug Crump

    If an animal is a threat when it has to be put down, there’s nothing wrong with doing whatever it takes to protect the human beings who have to do the act.

    You animal rights people are moronic. You care more about animals than you do people.

    • 21kidsanddogs

      Doug that is not the truth! it is just as easy to use injection on feral cats or dangerous dogs- only 10 counties in the state allow gas chambers and if they can do it so can Randolph. Injection is safer for the humans as well as more humane for the animals: it also cost the tax payer less money than the gas chamber. i assure you i am not moronic (stupid) i unlike you have done my research and am educated on the subject whereas you just make moronic comments.

  • Larry Shelton

    i say we drag her from her office and put her in the dumpster and give her a taste of her own medicine that she gives to animals. yes 99 percent of all humans are severely cruel. we still have neanderthal blood coursing through our veins.

  • Ron

    Remember, It’s people that put them in the pounds to begin with. We need to educate them that these animals have feelings and are not disposable like the rest of our society is….

  • Jeannie Dee

    Solution is more adoptions! Don’t breed or buy animals while shelter animals die. The least we can do is end the use of gas chambers now. Disgraceful.

  • Donna Hughes

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