Amazon considering ‘Prime’ price hike of $20-$40

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Amazon announced Thursday it may soon increase the cost of its Amazon Prime subscriptions after it revealed lackluster quarterly earnings.

During a conference call with investors, the company said it could increase the subscription by $20 to $40 annually. Increased fuel and shipping costs is blamed for the possible increase, according to CNBC.

According to the report, over 1 million people signed up for the service in the third week of December alone, though the company has not disclosed the number of active subscribers.

The company’s fourth quarter earnings were lower than expected. Amazon reported earnings of 51 cents per share, while expected earnings were about 66 cents per share.

Read more: CNBC


  • Tim

    This after they already are trying to tax NC residents? Ban Amazon forever and shop elsewhere… is just as good and free for the most part with shipping. Sell your personal stuff elsewhere.

  • Chucky1992

    I’ve been a loyal Amazon customer for years. I got the prime membership about 3 years ago. With the free shipping and streaming service, it really has paid for itself in shipping savings. Federal law, state law and recent court decisions are causing them to charge NC taxes. I am not happy about the tax thing either. If they go up on the Prime membership and charge the tax, they loose their sales advantage for lower prices. I am not sure if I will keep the Prime membership if they go up. The big advantage over buying locally was it is normally cheaper. Charging sales tax and more for the membership negates that advantage for me.

  • Carolina72

    Tim and Chucky1992 if you are not paying the state of North Carolina Sales tax on the items that you have bought in the past on Amazon or any website. You are breaking the law. Better hope the IRS does not audit you. Also Amazon charging sales tax will bring money back to North Carolina.

  • Janine

    I don’t do Amazon Prime. I just order enough merchandise in an order to qualify for their free standard shipping. I don’t need my books two days after they come out when it might be some time before I read them.

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