McDonald’s employee allegedly sold heroin in ‘Happy Meals’

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PITTSBURGH — A McDonald’s employee in Pittsburgh was arrested Wednesday after undercover police officers said they discovered her selling heroin in Happy Meal boxes, according to a criminal complaint.

Shantia Dennis, 26, was arrested after undercover law enforcement officials conducted a drug buy, according to a statement from Mike Manko, communications director for the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office.

Customers looking for heroin were instructed to go through the drive-through and say, “I’d like to order a toy.” The customer would then be told to proceed to the first window, where they would be handed a Happy Meal box containing heroin, Manko said.

During the drug buy, the undercover officers recovered 10 stamp bags of heroin inside of a Happy Meal box, according to the statement.

Officers immediately arrested Dennis and recovered an additional 50 bags of heroin, as well as a small amount of marijuana, according to the complaint.

The sales of heroin do not appear to be related to the potentially lethal batches of heroin being sold in Western Pennsylvania, according to the statement.

Dennis is charged with two counts of possession, one count of criminal use of a communication facility, one count of prohibited acts of delivery and one count of possession with intent to deliver.

Attorney information for Dennis was not immediately available Wednesday.

The McDonald’s location declined to comment to CNN.


  • CatR

    Yeah, her being an idiot is a result of low wages!! I am sure, no matter what the minimum wage was, she would still be breaking the law! What an ignorant thing to say!!!

    • JT

      No, her being financially destitute because she works for a corporation that actually provided tips on how employees can sign up for government assistance and needing to supplement her income is what this is proof of, not idiocy. Further, do you know this person? I doubt it; so how can you definitively say she would be doing this even if she were not making minimum wage? Could it have something to do with her ethnicity–don’t answer that. You don’t need to. I already know.

  • Douchebag

    Do not raise the minimum wage! It will only result in employers laying off. Maybe if this girl didn’t have 4 kids she might be able to make a living.

  • connie

    Dealing drugs was a personal decision, no matter what her financial situation, or how many kids she has. However there are government subsidies that would help her without breaking the law. If she is in jail she obviously won’t need minimum wage and where will her kids be? Let me tell you, if they don’t go into foster care, then a family member will take them and ten to one they to Will copy what they learned from their parents, which at this point nothing other than trying to get around the system weather it means breaking the law or working for minimum wage. Don’t be to quick to blame the system, the individual bears the brunt of the responsibility of how and what they want their lives and their children’s lives to be. Threw history people have learned to live with what they have or don’t have, they didn’t go out and just take it from someone else, or push drugs. Drug dealing is a cop out the individual is just to lazy to work for what they want. Unfortunately this behavior is more prominent in the African-American communities, so there children grow up with the idea that drug dealing is the only way to get what they want faster than anyone else. We all want things, but patients is a virtue, and hard work is good for self-esteem, you enjoy what you got, you take care of it. Unfortunately not all people see the benifits of virtue, self-esteem, or pride in themselves or what they have accomplished.

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