Woman charged after pit bull dies outside in freezing temps

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ILLINOIS — A woman from Calumet Park is facing misdemeanor charges after her pit bull died from being left out in the cold.

According to WGN-TV, authorities received a tip earlier this month that Tracy Cherry, 46, kept her dog in an outdoor dog house.

Sheriff’s police learned that the dog had been let out on the afternoon of Jan. 5 and had remained outside for about 12 hours.

The next day, police say the woman found the dog’s body. The low temperature in Calumet Park on Jan. 5 was minus 1 and the low on Jan. 6 was minus 15 degrees, officials said.

An autopsy revealed the 9-year-old pit bull died of hypothermia.

Sheriff’s police arrested Cherry on Jan. 20. Her next court date is Feb. 3.

Source: WGN-TV


    • anom

      I emailed the courts in Calumet Park, IL yesterday asking them to give this >>>>>> this MAX since that dont consider it a felony now. Wish they’d put her outside, but she is so FAT she’d probably live. Fortunately, there is a place in ……. for these monsters!!!!!

  • FaithC

    She needs to be treated the same way she treated that poor dog. Leave her out in the cold, that works for me. People like her make me sick.

    • RachH

      People like her make me sick, too, which means people like you make me sick — you are just like her if you believe she should be subjected to such torture. She needs to be punished, absolutely(!), but *humanely* punished.

    • anom

      Please, that is something different. But animal and children are helpless.
      And really dont drag in the abortion issue with something total different

      • Tberryjack

        “But animal and children are HELPLESS” you said that meaning unborn babies aren’t? Haven’t you seen those videos showing how it hurts those little babies as doctors are ripping their little bodies apart or burning them with the chemicals used to abort them. and you have the nerve to say “But, that’s different!!

  • Diane Purcell

    Intentionally leaving an animal to certain death is abuse and should be treated as a felony, in my opinion. At least automatic 30days in jail. If she’d do this to an innocent animal, what on earth would she do to a child? To an elderly person? She needs a real punishment. We need to start making examples of this unfeeling, careless idiots!

  • Steph

    Abortion matters, but this article isn’t about abortion. This article is CLEARLY about an animal being left in the cold to freeze to death at the hands of some lazy, sorry excuse of a person. If the article were about abortion I’m certain that people wouldn’t be dragging animal abuse into it. Duh. Do you often troll “all” articles? Why do anti abortion groupies always seem so offended when people get upset about an animal being mistreated??

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